How to create your own porn star name

September 16, 2007 at 8:02 am | Posted in Porn | 4 Comments

Here is a good strategy for picking a name if you consider a career as a stripper or porn star. I stumbled upon this in a post on baby names (no, I was not looking for a name for a baby, I was looking for a name for a character):

I had a party game inflicted on me once, in which we were told to remember of the name of our first pet, and then the name of the first street on which we ever lived. The punchline was, that that was to be our stage name were we ever to become strippers.
Cordially yours, Fluffy Highway

So my stage name would be:

Struppi Breitenbacher

Struppi is a common German name for a dog, in particular for a small, shaggy (=struppig) one. 🙂

What’s your name to enter the industry?

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