I love youtube! And I’d like to buy a bottle of fries

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Once again: A piece for the German audience – the classic sketch “Palim-Palim” (an onomatopoetic representation of the sound of the doorbell in a grocery store), also known as “‘ne Flasche Pommes Frites (A bottle of fries)”, starring Didi Hallervorden and featuring Gerhard Wollner. The sketch appeared in Hallervorden’s show Nonstop Nonsens, which was on air from 1975 to 1980 and is still aired occasionally. I guess that in a random group of Germans, at least three would still know it.


Two inmates are bored by their daily routine of sitting on their bunk beds (“I’m bored… if only I had known this before…”). They decide to play shop, a shop in which the doors are always unlocked (that’s a pun). When they open they door, it goes “Palim-Palim”.
At first Gerhard is the shop-keeper. Didi enters the store and asks for a bottle of fries, an unexpected request for Gerhard. He tells Didi to try again.
Didi does his Palim-Palim routine again and this time asks for … a small bottle of fries. Gerhard suggests they swap roles so that Didi will learn how to act as a customer.
Now Gerhard enters the store, yet is asked by Didi whether the door bell was broken (no Palim-palim was to be heard). “Door’s already open”, Gerhard says, and proves it by opening and closing it (and making that sound) again.
Gerhard approaches the counter and says that he would like to buy some fries.
“Well”, Didi replies, “do you also have a bottle with you?”

Ahem. Maybe this is another example of German humour, but most Germans quite like that sketch. And if only for nostalgic reasons. Didi has indeed for years been one of the most anarchic comedians the country has to offer (and probably still is the most anarchic one, besides Helge Schneider, if you look at the current generation of German comedians).

Here is a transcript of the sketch.


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  1. It´s quite hard to translate a sketch, I guess;-) Maybe some of you would like to see the whole dialogue in written form, so they partly understand the funny side of this joke…

  2. Hi there (curious email pseudonym), I have coincidentally already linked to your site – see above (transcript of the sketch).

  3. Ha, ha! Ist das geil! I had completely forgotten about this one (however, as children we were very excited about this sketch). But my excitement at this point shows: much like the logic of manufactured desires, nostalgia may clearly be the main source of retroactively constructed enjoyment regarding something like this but in the end it sure does not make it less enjoyable (this is, I believe, what Zizek in part means by “enjoying your symptom.”). And enjoy my symptom I will. Thanks! 🙂

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