I’ve just lost my new job

September 13, 2007 at 10:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments
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And am actually quite relieved about it. They basically didn’t want to allow me as much holiday as I am entitled to, yet that was just the iceberg’s tip. They made me a fishy proposal and I called the workers’ council to see whether that was all correct. It wasn’t. I told my potential employer so and he said that this wasn’t the way they would go about these things. They are a small firm, after all. I said that holidays were a thing that I thought one should go about thoroughly. We met again to talk this over, or that was the plan. Instead of talking things over, they told me they didn’t think it was a sign of good chemistry if such an issue arose in the first week and that we should not work together. I told them I didn’t think so either and that such an early disagreement rather meant that more conflicts would be lying ahead. Then they sacked me.

Yet comrade Anaj prefers to get sacked if being employed means she would be denied the right to a proper holiday.

And of course comrade Anaj would have wreaked havoc and confusion in that place. She would have told all the other part-time workers to stand up for their rights. They had no choice but sacking me, considering they couldn’t subdue me.


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  2. They were the first ones to say we shouldn’t work together, and I said I thought so too.

  3. cool cool. It would never have worked. Though I wonder if ‘sacked’ is the right word to use in this context, seeing that it connotes something negative. But if you had already signed the contract (which I believe you had), then it might be the only word available to describe the situation.

  4. Yes, I have signed a preliminary contract, i.e. an agreement to hire me. Ans they also wanted to get rid of me – that was clearly the boss’s plan before we had even started talking.

    The two times before that I had come to the office the place was bustling: the trainee, the assistant, the boss’s wife, the dog. When I came in today, all of these three/four (who I very much liked during that Kick-off seminar) were not there – as though they weren’t supposed to. There was just one other office assistant who normally works in a different office, and I had the feeling too that he knew what was going to happen. He was polite, but felt uncomfortable.

    I was, however, all professional, in the end gave my formerly future boss a few final tips on how to employ blogs on their site and a warm handshake, wishing him all the best and good luck.

  5. oh Jaana..you are so coool! I admire your courage.. I wish I have the same courage..

  6. It’s not really courage – it’s just that I know I would hate working in a place where they try to bag in my holidays. And if you give in once, they’ll do with you what they want.

  7. Sacked is not a negative word to use. No, no. You have broken them, you have shamed them into admitting that they are liars and weak. See this as a victory.
    Besides, your new prospect sounds splendid. Very interesting indeed!!

  8. Yes, I guess that’s a healthy way of looking at it. Am also pretty thrilled about the traineeship 🙂

  9. Well, that’s courage for me..and Iam sure for many people who live by the diktats of corporate world

  10. The Deer Hunter is another movie I still have to watch… and Lallopallo: In that case I’ll think of this as courage and will try to remember that I once was courageous if I ever get into such a situation again.

  11. He wouldn’t like that description – he’s only 31!

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