Wow – somebody really cares for Britney

September 12, 2007 at 3:24 pm | Posted in Britney Spears, video, Viral | 7 Comments

Currently #1 of the viral video charts: Somebody pleading really intensely to leave Britney alone. Some strong emotions going on here. Too bad they’re wasted on a celebrity, although the cause is admirable.


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  1. Yes, makes sense. Britney is not well right now, So we should indeed deal with this person, who is well right now.
    But all jokes aside: it is scary to see how far Pepe le Pew has fallen. I feel bad for him. You all better leave him alone, or you’ll have to deal with me! (video soon to follow)

    (BTW:Isn’t this also what Rove used to say about Bush before his departure?)

  2. Which departure was that? I am lost…

  3. Oh! He has also lipsynched Britney’s song:

  4. Wow.
    Wait, so is this real crazy, or fake crazy for the sake of viral-video fame? I thought it was the latter but now that I have seen this I am inclined to revise my initial opinion.

    (oh–and I meant Rove’s departure–sorry)

  5. Um. I am really not that up to date with US politics. I actually don’t know why Rove left, but it probably has an odour of scandal of some sort.

    I guess it is kind of both: the personality fake, but iterated so often it has become real crazy.

  6. wow! So she also got a fan following… 😉

  7. The clip can’t possibly be for real, can it?

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