I should stop believing in mainstream cinema

September 9, 2007 at 8:50 am | Posted in Film | 11 Comments

Last night I turned down a friend who wanted to go out because
a) I had to get up early this morning and
b) because Bridget Jones was on the telly.

I didn’t know it but since it has already became an important element of popular folklore I thought it would be worthwhile knowing it.

Ok, now I know it. It’s not worthwhile knowing it. It’s only good for pointing out that things are far worse than I often think. No woman should be confronted with representations of women as deriding as these.


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  1. I read some of Bridget Jones because a girlfriend, several years ago now, thought I’d enjoy it. The relationship was, it’s fair to say, short lived.

    Something about endless weight monitoring and cigarettes. Sounds like an out-take for the Magic Mountain.

  2. Bridget Jones is just one of a whole string of British movies featuring the same actors. Lame has-beens like Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Fry. They all get hyped like crazy.

    These same actors all feature in the Harry Potter movies too.

    See also: Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, The Tall Guy, Peter’s Friends, Calendar Girls, The Full Monty, Personal Services, Shirley Valentine, Educating Rita…

    Nostalgic, sentimental, cliched.

  3. Love actually had some of the WORST, MOST contrived screenwriting I have seen in a while; 4WAAF was ok in its time, but it’s true: nobody really needs to see Jugh Grant, and in BJ he was probably as despicable as he really is.
    Clichés can be done well (that’s why I probably still hope to find the occasional nugget in mainstream cinema), see When Harry Met Sally, but BJ was also too much of a cultuvation of feminine neuroses.

  4. Ho ho, these romcoms are cheesy chick flicks aimed to subjugate women. Bridget Jones was all about being a fat lazy loser, but hey nobody cares, so its OK?! I did not like this film at all because it championed apathy and made women look stupido. Are we stuck between Bridget Jones’s ample buttocks and Kiera Knightly’s skeletal lack of curves??? There must be a middle ground, I feel. Most women are just as you say how they are. Normal? Yes? Not too fat and not so thin. I failed to see the advantage of Bridget Jones and I thought that the mumbly man (Hugh?) is a bit tiresome. He’s been doing that same number for 20 years I bet?

  5. Have you seen Leben der Anderen, Das?? It looked pretty good on DVD advert. My german not so good I must admit, so am hoping it is dubbed….

  6. I did have to smile at your sentence: “in BJ he [Hugh Grant] was probably as despicable as he really is.” BJ. Hugh Grant. Funny.
    (I am 8 years old this morning) 🙂

  7. I cry in many movies – Jetsam, I did not get the pun?

  8. Abelardo, I have unfortunately not seen Das Leben der Anderen, but was told it is pretty good. The lead actor Ulrich Mühe just died from cancer about 1 or 2 months ago 😦

  9. BJ–blow job–Grant being arrested for buying one–etc.

    Told you: 8 years old today.

  10. True!!!

  11. Ha! That’s truly excellent:-)

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