The overwhelming showdown of Logan’s Run

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Sob! I am right now watching Logan’s Run (USA 1976) in the telly (the first time ever that I have more than three TV channels!), and the end is soooo delightful – when the 30year olds consecrated to death finally spot the old man and touch and caress him…. next movie on is Once Were Warriors (new Zealand 1994) – am trying to make up for all the movies I missed in the past three years.

Here are a few fashionable moments from Logan’s Run – lemme know if you find the showdown on youtube ore somewhere!


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  1. I didn’t know this film. What a weirdly intense ritual. There may be some kind of social death in the US at 30, i.e. that august time when one begins to appeal less and less as a segment to be marketed to.

  2. While I always thought that was a good thing – I think it’s a good thing the whole marketing industry is so wrong in their assumption that those between 14 and 29 are the most important target group: they either have no money or not taste:-) (the world ‘d probably be prettier if the ones beyond 40 were taken more seriously:-)

  3. Ist eine hooikeie venegoot movie flix

  4. @anaj: I agree completely.

  5. es ist, andrew, es ist

  6. My parents had seen Logan’s Run several times, and were astonished when I pointed out to them that the ‘runners’ – who left the city seeking ‘Sanctuary’ – were already living in sanctuary.

    This same theme of finite resources and population culls has been used repeatedly in sci-fi.

  7. This theme has surely been used quite a bit, and it’s true what you are saying about death being the ultimate evil. Its probably about time for a scifi story that tells the alternate story: a society obsessed with staying alive (and forgetting to give birth, both of which appiles to our times).

    alright, I didn’t get it: why were tehy already living in sanctuary? Or do you mean that the place where the young folks live was priginally planned as a sanctuary, hence the depopulation of the polace where the old man lives?

  8. The domed city was a shelter, a sanctuary, designed to keep a small population alive, so that they could re-populate after a global holocaust (nuclear/biological/whatever).

    The reason why they all die aged 30 is to ensure a manageable population size and to provide Adam & Eve couples for future global repopulation.

    However, it has gone wrong. The city central computer knows that the world is habitable. Also, the crazy robot that freezes people stops the runners from finding out the truth.

    The old man is a non-resident who has grown up in the post-apocalyptic world.

    The ankh pendant opened the city doors, allowing runners to escape. They saw it as being a symbol of sanctuary, and it was. They were already in sanctuary.

  9. Death isn’t evil. Only humans are evil.

    Death is inevitable.

  10. Have you read the novel? I should probably read it instead. I admit I mainly chose to watch LR because of the fashionable cat suits, but missed the first 15 minutes.

  11. No, I haven’t read the novel. I first saw it in the 1970’s and it made sense.
    Later there was a spin-off TV series starring Donald Moffat.
    It featured Logan and Jessica (?) driving around post-apocalyptic Earth in search of Sanctuary.
    They had a robot companion, a weird car that looked like a Citroen and they were chased by Francis, another ‘sandman’.
    The spin-off ignored the end of the movie and the domed city was still intact and populated, as per the movie.
    Logan discovered various sanctuaries akin to the domed city. Some had DNA samples of every extinct animal, other places had strange cultural edicts.
    It was quickly evident that their quest was a fool’s errand, as they were searching for something they had already left behind.

  12. In hindsight, I enjoyed Jenny Agutter most of all. Her costume was flattering:

  13. Ta! I hadn’t even noticed the exquisite cut of that dress. Or is the screenshot photoshopped?

  14. No, I think that all of their ‘social’ outfits were quite flimsy – the men too.
    Very 1970’s.
    They practiced free sex, without any cultural rules concerning security, commitment, pregnancy. Remember that all children are clones…

    By the way, I looked up Wikipedia re Logan’s Run just now, and think that I have read the novel.

    The cover looked familiar. My memory is not so good. Read enough books and they all blur together…

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