The Queen of Scat (if anybody ever needed one)

September 5, 2007 at 11:33 pm | Posted in Culture | 2 Comments
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Haven’t we always wondered whether the actors in scat porn movies do really eat shit? Well, we can only hope that most directors of scat movies are as benign as the folks who made the infamous [attention! the link takes you directly to the movie!] 2 girls 1 cup movie, who (as judged by experts) have used a surrogate substance like mousse or chocolat or chocolate ice cream.

The sad truth is, however, that there are really people out there who are so desperate for a job and have no other options that they are willing to train themselves to eat feces: people like Veronica Moser from Austria:

Veronica Moser is a German scat porn star who is a top name in her specialized area of pornography.

Born in Austria, Veronica Moser worked as a secretary, then a model and, in 1987, started appearing in coprophilial pornographic movies. She is one of the most popular such actresses in the world, renowned for her enthusiasm and deft consumption of feces.

Initially reluctant to perform coprophilial sex, Moser trained herself to enjoy it by eating her own feces daily.

Moser is still active in porn and works as a dominatrix/submissive at a dungeon in Berlin, Germany. She is also known to meet coprophilia enthusiasts in her own Berlin home.

Brave Veronica. She’s shown that one can really do it. I wish tough that there were other opportunities open to adaptable women like her.

Veronica lives her new online live at pornarella dot com (enter the URL yourself if you are interested) – her feces page which was supposedly to be found at vernica hyphen moser dot com now redirects to Pornarella, and the cyber squatters who have taken over the URL without a hyphen have hired Japanese women to eat (or pretend to eat) feces.

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