McCabe & Mrs Miller

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Last night I watched McCabe & Mrs. Miller, directed by Robert Altman, starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. Well. I definitely saw that this film belonged in the series, yet what a boring film. Warren Beatty is a clumsy gunslinger who doesn’t sling the gun anymore. Instead he opens a brothel – first in a make-shift tent with three quirky chippies, but then Mrs Miller forces her partnership upon him, and so he open the ‘finest whorehouse in the area’, with bathhouse and fresh linen and whores from Seattle. Mrs Miller smokes opium, occasionally, and due to some confusion three bounty killers are suddenly after McCabe. That should bring him to his gunslinging senses, yet the movie does a good job showing that these are not half as acute (and probably no gunslinger’s have ever been) as we’d like to believe. Tedious showdown. End.

Yet I do not forgive the movie for its annoying ‘Hungry-person’ scene. In probably every 5th to 10th film, an actor is supposed to eat something in a fashion that indicates that he or she is REALLY MIGHTY hungry. This does most always fail. Western people are never really hungry, they don’t know how to play it, so in a rather ridiculous fashion they reduce eating hungrily down to eating really FAST and LOUD. By way of illustration, you have most of the time another character sitting opposite the chomper, doing nothing but stare. And so it was in M&M.

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