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August 28, 2007 at 5:41 pm | Posted in Blogging, German | 14 Comments

… I have been starting a German blog, the URL of which I am going to post here when the time is right. Not that I didn’t have PLENTY of other things to do – yet I feel I need a German outlet, which is my native tongue anyway. It actually feels a bit odd to write a blog in German – surprisingly, kind of as if I was further away from myself, or at least putting on some kind of voice, in order to find the right on.


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  1. Great idea! If I had a German secret blog, at least I’d be able to finally talk about what REALLY goes on in my life 😛

    Though unlike you I’d never post the link to it anywhere, just so it can stay my dirty little secret 😛

  2. The German blog I started has a theme – and I actually do have another sooo dark and secret German blog that I would never ever share with anybody else….

  3. cool! Hope u have started on it.. 🙂

  4. I have but I won’t release the URL until it’s filled up with content a bit.

  5. […] been thinking of starting a private German blog – anaj is doing this and I know my friend automatthias too has a Polish blog (that’s why there’s never any […]

  6. But noone will be able to understand it.

  7. Except the Germans of course.

  8. I thought the Germans spoke Dutch & the Austrians Walloon.

  9. To add, I have a sprinkling of Old English myself:

    Ce cyning ferd to Readingum.

    Or something vaguely like the above.

  10. The king did indeed go to Reading. I think if you substitute cwen for cyning your repertoire becomes substantially expanded by the addition of the the phrase, “The queen goes/went to Reading,” which needless to say is a great boon to one’s communication skills.

  11. A secret blog? How insidious…

  12. Andrew: Natuurlijk praten de Duitsers ‘Dutch’, angezien het feit het Nederlands gewoon een dialect van het Duits is (volgens sommigen, maar der Nederlanders houden er niet zo veel van deze mening). Nou kijk je, hé?

  13. […] en Dutch en Nederlands September 6, 2007 at 12:55 pm | In OudEngels, Dutch | De meneer Andrew vond het grappig om te beweren dat de Duitsers feitelijk ‘Dutch’ praten, en de Oostenrijkers Walloons. Da’s […]

  14. I couldn’t agree with those incendiary remarks, Anaj.

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