I May Have a Job…

August 27, 2007 at 4:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments
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I am just returning from a marvelous job interview, one which probably proves my prior statement that you only have to wait for a job opening that matches exactly your profile. Once again, it is a position for which I feel to have just the right set of skills, although that set of skills is rarely requested: an odd mix of media savviness, being good with words and foreign languages be it as a proof-reader of micro-copy writer, the ability to enjoy solitary fumbling with online media – i.e. deciphering the output of traffic analysis tools – and an informed view on customer relationship management; CRM being something that I secretly enjoy, even though it is SUCH of a thing to be generally despised by humanities people). And: It is a part-time position, with the option to upgrade, AND I may even have the opportunity to bring in some of the things I learned in my English-teacher-years.

In two days I will know more, keep your fingers crossed for me!


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  1. Hi anaj, that sounds fantastic. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Here the number crunching continues, and other than that no-one, absolutely no-one is interested in what I do. Well, I hope that the job pans out for you and also allows you time for writing. I am looking forward to presenting your next work in Hard. greg


  3. fingers crossed!

  4. Good luck!

  5. @Greg: I really really hope it works out. It’s a nice little family run firm with brightly orange painted walls and MANY MANY plans for the future:-) I started writing I Sci-Fi piece last night – nothing for the big Hard crowed, but I’d love to read it to you and S.!

    @Pingo: Ävver noch han isch die Stell nit! Morjen kriech isch Bescheid.

    @Lenina: Thank you!

    @Nova: Thanks, too, and – wow – you’ve been catching up on reading my blog!

  6. hi anaj, the job sounds just like the right thing. I am sure there’ll be opportunities for you to read to me and S again. I found a cheap place to stay in the centre of Vienna – the Schottenhof (?) – a monastery, and cheap, clean accommodation with a good breakfast for EUR 60 a day, just off the Ring. So, expect me some time for a weekend, if that is okay with you. I would also be interested in knowing why you are starting a German blog. Will the English blog continue? Well, back to class preparations 😉 greg

  7. Sounds quite promising!

  8. Good luck!!! Sounds great.

  9. Greg, I would be very happy to have you, even if I don’t really ‘have’ you – let me be your parttime host anyway! The English blog is going to stay – the German one isn’t so personal. You’ll see.

    Thanks Cabbage and Jetsam, and I did get the job! The phone call came today – now we need to negotiate the salary…

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