Job Search: First third of August Wrap-Up

August 11, 2007 at 6:48 am | Posted in job search | 3 Comments

Between August 1 and August 10 I wrote 7 applications and received 5 emails of rejection (partly in response to applications written before August 1).


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  1. How does it feel to get these rejection mails? Do you take them seriously?
    I find it so funny the way employers send rejection mails…they sound so much similar and childish..They will say something like this,

    Thanks for your application for xyz job. We went through you candidacy and were deeply impressed with your qualifications and skills. However, at this point, we cannot offer… blah blah…

    The moment I read “However”, I burst into laughter..
    It used to happen a lot with me after I was loking for my first job post my Masters here in Canada..
    Btw, what kind of job you are looking for?
    Good luck with the hunt, and till you start working, have fun..

  2. I am literally going to take whatever I can get if I don’t have to sell my soul full-time (I would sell my soul on a part-time basis though).

    I don’t really take them seriously, I’ve been through this before and I rather consider it some form of playing darts. Darts is a game that I do not really master, so whenever I score a point it has to do more with luck than with my skills.

    The two times that I got a job that I had applied for it seemed as if the people had the impression that I was the needle in the haystack that they were looking for. That’s why I think that getting a job is just a matter of time – the time it takes for the job opening to be published that fits my skills exactly.

    If that doesn’t happen, I am going to wait tables.

    But I am also prepared to do another internship (if somebody is willing to give me one at 33), because I’ve been ‘out of the industry’ for three years now. In two months from now I am going to begin to apply for jobs as a language teacher, but not yet:-)

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