New day, new wireless, abysmal traffic (and I want ot that way)

August 3, 2007 at 12:05 pm | Posted in Vienna | 6 Comments
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I am just checking out the wireless at a different café, called Milano, also in the same district, where they play some unspecified soft techno music and everything is self service. Four people including me are hacking silently into their notebooks what ever comes to their mind.

A while ago my blog got exposed, because somebody linked to it using my real name in the link. That was, apparently, enough to make it show up when entering my name in a search engine. I, of course, do not want that. So I decided to make my blog invisible to search engines. Traffic goes down quite a bit, but I suppose I need not worry. The posts that brought in the most search engine traffic were dedicated to Britney Spears undergarments (or the lack of any) and those people never interacted anyway.

Or have any of my favourite visitors found out about my blog due to Britney?


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  1. Oh! I am sorry, but was that because of me!?

  2. No no! Nova, it wasn’t you – by real name I meant that someone who knows me in real life used my first name AND my surname (the latter bothering me) to link to my blog. Nice new ID pic, btw!

  3. In my case it was actually a post on Zizek that brought me to your site. (so, in a way, yes, as he is the Britney Spears of philosophy–when will he finally shave his head? and when will his underwear model, female K-Fed version finally begin to release gangsta-rap albums (and will this spark a territorial war between her and Renata Salecl?–so many questions–I am sure you will keep us posted, though 🙂 )

  4. hey Jana, I understand. And thanks 🙂

  5. Nope, I came to you by way of jetsam and was impressed. and continue to be.

  6. That’s comforting all in all. I agree that Zizek is the Britney Spears of philosophy; maybe we can find some pictures of him waddling down the Swiss Alps on his ski – that’s what he allegedly does sometimes.

    I’ve got other Britney news to share though which I read on the yesterday: apparently Britney asked a dentist to bleach the teeth of her 22months old son. Luckily, the doctor refused:-)

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