Time for checklists and to-do lists

July 23, 2007 at 5:25 pm | Posted in to-do list | 4 Comments

While I am gearing up to move the first trolley-load of belongings to Vienna, my boyfriend has now reached the final two weeks before his master thesis is due. I remember this phase as semi-hallucinatory, and he probably feels similar. What to do? He: work, work, work – and touch down in the nick of time. Me? Once again it’s time for CHECKLISTS and TO-DO LISTS – the last thing to hold on to in a complicated, accelerating word.


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  1. Sounds like me, asking for a “light” coke in a bar and “is it free?” in referral to a seat in the train. I think that the term “native speaker by birth” would be appropriate to describe my English language skills sometimes 😉

  2. OOps this was posted in the wrong discussion, was meant for the student paragraph in English 🙂

  3. Grego! How are you doing! Tomorrow night I’ll hop on another train to Vienna, but won’t be moving before mid August now – so maybe there is another chance to see you. We could also, as a final team exercise, tear down my bedroom closet and get it in the van that’ll take it to Vienna!

  4. Hi anaj! I’m doing fine. My streetwise look – for which you are responsible – is ideal here 🙂 Cool, look forward to seeing you before you finally depart!

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