Too hot, wish I were THERE

July 17, 2007 at 10:22 am | Posted in Photography | 2 Comments


Another photo my brother took. Btw, today is the 17th of July which is my father’s birthday whom I have seen I think three times in ten years. Maybe four. Difficult to forget the date though: 17th of July used to be a German holiday, Tag der deutschen Einheit, until Germany was reunited on the 3rd October 1990, which has then become the new holiday. Also, ironically, after my mom moved back to her home village (after having followed my father to the town where he soon left her for a 22-year-old), our phone was given the number 1707 (it as a rather smallish village). I might call him today nonetheless. Unless I forget of course:-)


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  1. Haven’t seen or spoken to my father in about four years as well. Interesting phenomenon, isn’t it?

  2. Interesting indeed. I suppose the paternal (as in: opposite of maternal) ribbon that connects father and child is completely arbitrary, at least if the fatherhood was established in a conventional family setting – which is probably yet another reason why fathers should take some time off to look after their children if the ribbon is not to vanish in the (likely) case of a divorce or break-up.

    I really called him yesterday and we made polite conversation. We actually only officially kind of ‘made up’ last year where we met for an our in a park in Cologne – the two encounters before that were chance encounters (at a funeral, at a ‘confirmation’ (relig.). Feels better that way anyway – if he is going to die, then without me having the feeling of not having made up. And it seems as if polite conversation is absolutely ok now (it used to make be angry before – if you meet every four years and then you don’t even have anything to say to each other – suddenly it doesn’t hurt anymore).

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