Night train to Vienna

July 16, 2007 at 1:26 pm | Posted in Austria | 3 Comments
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Tonight at ten to ten I’ll hop on the night train to Vienna – just got a call that I could sign the lease agreement tomorrow late afternoon. At half past seven in the morning I’ll be in Vienna – but I doubt that I’ll be able to get any sleep on the train. I’m taking the final twelve assignments with me in order to grade them – more than enough time on the train. And tomorrow night at 20 past ten, I’ll be back on the next train home. That’s about 1500 km in 36 hours – good thing about Austrian train services is that they are not even half as expensive as the German ones: € 60 for a return ticket is quite alright, isn’t it?

Check out the map: I’ll be going from 10km south of Bregenz via Innsbruck via Innsbruck, Salzburg and Linz to Vienna – and it is indeed going to have 38° in Vienna, both today and tomorrow. HOT!!!

Austria, Weather Juli 16 2006


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  1. w00t – it’s raining and quite cold here in London (lower 20s).

    Oh, and can you send me some Salatgewuerze when you return 😛 ?

  2. The guilty conscience about your salatgewürze is constantly preying on me – will do that when I return!

  3. Have a fun and successful trip! I’m off now, too. Read you soon.

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