I’m just not susceptible to mainstream erotic stimuli

July 14, 2007 at 8:18 am | Posted in Viral | 1 Comment
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A (woman) friend sent me a link to this viral for a (true or fake, I don’t care) brand of cosmetics. The pun is supposed to consist in a fairy conventional turning around of mainstream erotic stimuli. Instead of a voluptuous blond smearing her tits with whipped cream, you have a half-naked chef doing the same thing. Or massaging your bread. And where the blond would have eaten a banana, he’s eating oysters. Yaawn! I would never ever forward this to a befriended female, not even a befriended gay male, even though the male body is much more the object of fetishization in male homosexual than in female heterosexual peer groups. I think. It certainly doesn’t stimulate me, it annoys me deeply. Maybe I am just an exception to the rule. If women in commercials are treated like sexual objects, it certainly doesn’t help to just do the same to men. And neither is it revolutionary. Grrrrr.

EDIT: It’s not even a proper turning around of the rules of the game. Just hover over the buttons with your mouse, and what you’ll here is the moaning of a _Female_ – now what is that supposed to do to a heterosexual female audience? But I’m sure the undoubtedly male creative director of the bunch who created this enjoyed this a lot.


EDIT: OH NO! IT GETS WORSE! The next one seeking to take over from the naked chef are THE PLUMBER (THE pornography regular, mal eben ein Rohr verlegen), the FIREMAN who got your PUSSYCAT down from the three, and the PLUMBER who has finished TRIMMING YOUR BUSHES:

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  1. I think most women have developed a certain ability to screen out objectifying representations. I examined a bill board poster showing a woman in her underwear spreading in the interior of a limousine. I tried to look at it with the same innocent eyes with which I watched the reversa clips – and then found it unbearable. Most of them time I am ignoring such pictures though. Would be quite a mission to get upset about each and everyone;-) Maybe it would be a good idea to become a spray painter and use the paint can to put some clothes on the bodies of such modes in bill board ads.

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