Good old Austrian AMS!

July 6, 2007 at 4:05 pm | Posted in Job, job search, jobs | 4 Comments

Yesterday I received a notification from the the Austrian AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice – the state owned employment agency) that they had a job for me – I was delighted of course! A month ago I had announced to them that I was facing unemployment in September and one job a month sounds halfway decent. Also, they had already put down in their books that I am about to move to Vienna – although I mentioned only in a comment that I was going to move. That transaction alone is admirable – I doubt that a German agency would have been able to perform such a high level mental activity.

When I had a closer look at the job description, however, I was soon disappointed. Yes, it was reasonable sounding position, namely that of an online editor. Bad thing was that I had already applied with this agency – half a year earlier, but they never got back to me. Also, they constantly seem to have about six to seven positions on offer, which I find highly suspicious. They’re probably only advertising them to make their clients and competitors believe that they are prospering – a common practice among advertising agencies.

I sent them my application anyway, with a reminder to PLEASE PLEASE let the AMS know that I applied, and that I would have to starve if they didn’t. I hope that THAT is going to make them reply and at least say NO. I think it’s highly indecent not to get back to you at all (but again a common practice).


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  1. Wow–that is quite a difficult situation! So the AMS might withhold payment if that strange advertising agency does not get back to them (because to the AMS it would look like you are not trying to send out applications)? What would you do in a case like that? Do you have something like a “Rueckschein” that shows you sent your application?
    So sorry you have to deal with all this bureaucratic crap and flaky employers!

  2. Klasan’s web presence is terrible though!

    Flash? WTF?

  3. They only accept applications using their webform. Btw, I just had a look at their source code and have the odd feeling that this is a fake website. The AMS gave me the link which redirects to But if you have a look at their source code: does the php form look like it’s doing anything? Also, I attached a total of three files but got an immediate response – i.e. no uploading time what soever!

    Do you think automatthias could help?

  4. Ok, I asked him via his blog

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