My first exclusive reading

June 25, 2007 at 10:35 am | Posted in Friends, Literature | 5 Comments
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Yesterday my first exclusive*) reading took place, organized by two friends and colleagues of mine. If these friends didn’t exist, and had I not mentioned the fact that I write to them, then I doubt that I would ever have submitted anything to a writing competition. I would not have been invited to Berlin and Brandenburg and of course the reading would not have taken place either. Thank you again, Susanne and Greg, for making this possible! I’m a very happy bunny right now:-)

Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny

I read the piece that I had submitted to the writing competition and another one, a new one. I was nervous only for seconds, and then found it surprisingly easy to read to this audience of approximately 20-25 people. Putting on the author’s persona was facile, it was so easy that I even managed to entertain the audience in the break between the two pieces that I read. But the best part was the feedback I got from the audience after the reading, the personal feedback, the many encouraging words I received that asked me to keep writing, the thoughts that people offered about the texts and what they had stirred in them. Yes, I am really determined to turn at least one of these pieces into a novel soon:-)

*) Exclusive in the sense of: nobody else was reading, and the people that came had come because they had received an invitation with my name and face on it.


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  1. Those are some very happy bunnys! Congratulations!! 🙂

  2. Just to say this here as well: congratulations on your reading. You seem to have had a very exciting couple of weeks! What do you have on your plate next?

  3. Thank you! next – an interview at the museum where I hope to get work, a tour of an apartment I might rent in Vienna, a short visit to Cologne to attend my best friends 30th birthday, and finally a poster presentation at the PBL conference… uff…

  4. Jana
    Do your write in German or English? If you have written the pieces in English, can you post them here? It would be great to read them and give our views..
    Do you write fiction? Iam struggling big time nowadays to put my script together..but, something really interesting happened few weeks back..
    I sort of got an answer to my perennial dilemma regarding creating characters and situations which IAM not sure of..
    We can discuss that in detail some time..may be, We should chat some day..
    And yes, what did you mean by uff? 🙂 It’s a hindi word meaning..oh my god..something you say after you are tired or stressed..similar to what you meant here…dont tell me that it means the same in

  5. Hi, I write in German, but wouldn’t post any of my writing on the web yet – I only read and mail it to a few people:) But would be happy to say something about difficult characters if you give me some details. Btw: uff doesn’t mean oh my God, certainly not literally, but it has a similar function: you use it either when you are relieved (mostly) or when you are facing a lot of work (like I did above).

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