Dom Krautler & Microlearning

June 20, 2007 at 6:14 pm | Posted in Microlearning | Leave a comment
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From 4 till 6 today I went to a public lecture of Dom Krautler, bishop of Xingu in Transamazonia in Brazil. Hailing from Vorarlberg, he is known as Bischof Erwin Kräutler here in Austria. His niece is a social work student here in Dornburn, and it seems as if she helped arrange this lecture (but he’s revered wherever he goes here in Vorarlberg). There was an article in the SPIEGEL about him a while ago – he has two bodyguards now, as being a Bishop who advocates the cause of indigenous people doesn’t exactly make him a favourite of those who have economic or political power.

But his talk was interesting (unfortunately, fresh air was running out quickly), in particular the bits and pieces that he shared with us about the pope’s speeches in Brazil during his latest visit. It seems as if the media picked in particular on one of the pope’s comments about the Indians’ ‘longing to be christianized’ that’s not what the pope said, but how it was understood) – according to Dom Krautler this was another statement that would only be understood by the theologian who knows a bit about Augustinian theology. The pope’s statement was, according to Krautler, Augustinian, meaning that there is a longing within the human for the divine. Of course the only way that a catholic pope can express this longing for the divine is by saying that someone longs for christ – but given the gory history of forced christianization in Latin America, this comment wasn’t so well received.

Dom Krautler said that he himself was quite happy with the pope’s other statements – e.g. he said that we need to devote our attention and concern to Amazonia (or Transamazonia? In any case:), the vast regions where the indigenous tribes live who are still badly threatened by extinction. If Dom Erwin liked it, I suppose this means that he didn’t interpret the pope’s word as a plan to christen them all:-)

It seems the pope also said something nice about the Church of Liberation – the reason why I am unable to reproduce it is that, once again, only the theologian would have been able to identify the comment as such. The pope is a professor of theology more than anything, there’s no doubt about it.

So that’s how I got my share of do-good celebrities today:-)

Tomorrow in the early morning I am leaving to go to Innsbruck to attend the Microlearning conference – and to present my paper in repeated 7 minute ‘speed-geeking sessions’ (elsewhere this called poster-session). Hopefully I won’t have to repeat my gig more than three times. Arf.

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