The velcro syndrome

June 19, 2007 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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I found out now what my new MacBook is suffering from: the velcro syndrome. Nobody seems to know for sure whether that’s bad or good or just cute (it is kinda cute, but does it cause problems?)

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  1. I called Apple care and what they instructed me to do did fix the problem. Now let’s see whether this was a temporary or permanent fix.

    They asked me to do two types of resets. I can’t remember what they were called, but this is how they went:

    First reset:
    _Shut down the computer
    _Disconnect all devices, including the power cable
    _Remove the battery
    _Press the Start Button for 5 seconds (that’ the first reset)
    _Then put the battery back in.

    Now you have to start the computer in a particular way.

    This is the SECOND Reset:
    _Press the Start button and IMMEDIATELY after that, press these four buttons SIMULTANEOUSLY:
    _ALT + APPLE + P + R
    _Press them until you hear the Apple Startup noise twice and then RELEASE.
    _After releasing, you will hear the start up noise a third time and the mac is going to reboot.

    ATTENTION! Applecare told me that it could kill the computer if you used this combination five or six times in a row, so don’t overuse it!

    It fixed the problem in my case – when I put the computer back to sleep and woke it up again, the velcro noises were gone and the hissing noise coming out of the left speaker was sooo faint that I couldn’t tell anymore whether it was really there or whether I just imagined it (I don’t hear to well you see).

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