Hot weather, hot Mac – how about some water?

June 18, 2007 at 5:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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So I’ve got a new Mac, and I really LIKE my Mac, but when it’s hot outside (and inside my office anyway), the sound of the fan and the permanently overheated hard drive can be quite annoying. I jacked it up on four super-size tampons, to allow for some air to cool its bottom. Very stylish, and very feminine:-)

Tampon-Cooled Mac

But what I’d like would be something like a water-filled tray on which to place it – as water is a good absorber of excess heat. Anybody ever seen such as a thing?


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  1. Isn’t there some form of tray available where the water is trapped in hollow spaces inside? Maybe? The temp sounds lovely, I’m prepared to pay a Euro a day, and free drinks (mineral water and tea). They are lovely. Though so noisy. And mine makes two funny noises when I wake it up: similar to the sound produced by fingernails running over the most sensitive parts of a loudspeaker. The first lasts about two thirds of a second, followed by a second long silence, and the second one lasts only half as long as the first. Sounds like a riddle!

  2. Get a notebook cooler pad–there are many different versions out there. Here an example of what I am talking about and a decent review:

  3. That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for!

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