Nobody knows The Sound of Music in Austria

June 12, 2007 at 11:19 pm | Posted in Austria, Film | 4 Comments
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That’s one thing that is worth being said over and over again: Americans, Aussies, Brits, when you come to Austria, don’t expect anyone to greet you with a tune from The Sound Of Music on their lips. We don’t know that film or musical over here. There were a couple of German Movies in the 1950s which dealt with the same topic, the adventures of the Trapp family: Die Trapp-Familie with Ruth Leuwerik and Hans Holt (1956, directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner), as well as Die Trapp-Familie in Amerika (same principals, 1958) and the creators of the The Sound of music admitted that this was where they got their inspiration film. The films were incredibly successful in their times, but today, as virtually all Heimatfilme, are experienced as unbearable by most viewers below 60 today. Neither the films nor the musical is true anyway.

This just as addendum – I only learned yesterday that the song My favorite things in the Skoda ad was taken out of the musical.


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  1. Well, talking of ” Sound of Music”…
    I have generally liked most of the clasics, but when I watched this one, I could not fathom that what was the big deal about this movie..
    May be I was expecting too much or when it came out, certain things or the treatment of the movie was different for the audience..

  2. “The hiiiiills are alive with the sound of music….”

    Here in the UK, we even had a ‘Pop Idol’ – type show to find a new ‘Maria’, called ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria?’

  3. Quite incredible really….

  4. Thought of you on my way home yesterday when I saw an “Austrian Specialties” store. It is all red and white on the outside and I am sure they are playing _The Sound of Music_ all day in there. Almost as great as the Brauhaus in the “German” part of town where old Bavarians play polka, you can drink Bitburger (never realized the Eifel is actually in Bavaria) and buy a Hackepeter dinner for $17.50. (btw: across from the Brauhaus is the other “German” bar in town the Hansa Clipper, which tries to be northern German in nature and sports a Reichskriegsflagge on the wall. Not kidding! I took pictures.) Aaah, das Land der unbegrenzten Peinlichkeiten.

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