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Coming back from a brief blogging break, and having been unable to use internet from home for the past two weeks, I realize that I have become internet weary. I think I am going to cancel the contract with my internet provider tomorrow – until I move away in about two to three (yay!) months, I won’t desperately need it at home. I can always go into my office to use it, like I am doing now.

My mom came to visit and it was a really nice break from work – we spent three hours on ships on Lake Constance, travelled through three countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), went on a fabulous hike in lovely weather. We hardly got on each other’s nerves which is quite an achievement, considering we spent three consecutive days with each other. I suppose it’s like that with every body and their mothers – there is nobody who has known you longer than they do, but there is also nobody who can irritate you more than they can, with just one little word, or just with the way they say things;-) You think you have grown up and emancipated yourself from your upbringing, but that’s not quite true. Because if you were, then those little words and the way they are said wouldn’t upset you so much, would they? So some words did upset me, but at least I was able to see why they did, and nothing led to a particular disagreement. Occasionally, we were even able to see the comical aspect of seeing ourselves so subjected to the past patterns of interaction, so congratulations to us both:-)

While my mum was here with me in Austria, a wild thunderstorm raged where she, her boyfriend and my brother live. My brother sent me these movies – the noise matters in the first, and the images in the other.

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