Boosting Your Blog Traffic, pt. 1: A Little Help From Britney

May 12, 2007 at 3:42 pm | Posted in Blogging, Britney Spears, Tagging, Tags, Web 2.0 | 5 Comments
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Last week I tried to boost my blog traffic by heeding Lenina’s advice that a bit of sleaze cannot harm anybody (actually, it can) but is good for the traffic. I blogged about Britney Spear’s latest publicity stunt. It was a rather bland post and didn’t even contain images or video (only links to images and videos), but the title was reminiscent of a Britney Spears title and also contained a reference to the last Hasselhof PR disaster. For further enhancement, I used rather salacious tags, such as ‘upskirt’, ‘boobies’, ‘nipples’ and ‘nude’.

Furthermore, I submitted the post to, which was probably a bit of a cheat because the only reasonable category was Video>People – as mentioned, it only contained links to videos and thus circumvented’s own recommendation to link directly to news stories and videos.

But boost my blog traffic it did:To this day, the post has only received one digg (which was my own), but it never the less helped to drive the traffic figures: In the past seven days, the post has received 802 hits, because people click on many more stories published on digg than they actually digg. ‘To digg’ a story means to express that one likes it by clicking on a ‘digg it!’ button. The more diggs, the higher the ranking on digg.

And these are my traffic ratings of the past eight days – the Britney Spears post was published on the 6th of May:

03/05/2007 – 75 views
04/05/2007 – 77 views
05/05/2007 – 75 views
06/05/2007 – 339 views
07/05/2007 – 1589 views
08/05/2007 – 295 views
09/05/2007 – 186 views
10/05/2007 – 149 views

Tomorrow, I’ll explain what happened on the seventh of May. It had nothing to do with Britney’s tits at all.


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  1. hehe. I’m looking forward to Big Brother 8 which is going to start over here soon. Hopefully one of the contestants will have a dodgy past (e.g. a sex tape), so I can blog about it, thus driving my traffic 😛

    I haven’t experimented with using digg for this kind of thing yet. I joined digg a good while ago but I’m not really that interested in most of these web 2.0 apps., as I merely end up signing up for all of them, only to never use them.

  2. Awhile back I included “anal” as a tag. Freud and psychosexual development was the context. I’ve been amused to think that at least l person a day surfs in searching “anal” and gets instead a dose of politics and naturalism.

  3. @Lenina: I also wonder who uses digg to get updated about anything! I secretly suspect that it is only used by people who seek to drive their traffic. In the same way that hyperfiction was only read by people that wrote hyperiction.

    @Cabbage: That points to another interesting use to which one can put sleaze tags! Also, once could educate people about the porn industry:-)

  4. […] post is part of a series: Here is part 1, and here part […]

  5. I think it’s only a matter of time before Britney runs over a photographer and kills ’em. What happened to that sweet old Britney we used to know and love?

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