[SPAM] Someone wants to make a family with me:-)

May 4, 2007 at 10:21 am | Posted in Funny, Spam | 2 Comments

[Quote] Hello, my friend

I am writing to you with the suggestion: let’s create family! Don’t wonder, I know that it sounds strange and even may scare you, but nevertheless….I dream about family, children and life in harmony and love. What about your dreams?
If you have the same, write me here http://… and I will reply you with pleasure. I am not an ideal woman, I am ordinary, but I know that for one man I will be special and the best one. And I want this man to be You! What may be better family life when you have loving and caring relations? But I am not able to create it alone, I need partner, life partner. If you’re not scared and want to have family too, I will wait for your letter.

Waiting for your response


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  1. can you send me this person’s address? this really spoke to me. i have been trying to found a family alone for a while now myself and have to agree–it is difficult. especially when you have to fulfill both roles things get confusing. i have to split myself up into three parts, one of which represses my second, female part while the third, infantile part is watching and crying. just too much work to do alone. so this request seems a godsend.

  2. wow, some people are really lonely.

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