Picasso on special offer – Picasso im Sonderangebot

May 4, 2007 at 1:57 pm | Posted in Art | 3 Comments
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That’s culture industry at its best! German mail order and coffee house Tchibo has Picasso lithographs on special offer this week: € 400 for one print or €1,000.00 for three. They come with a certificate of authenticity, showing Picasso’s signature (he died in 1973, but who cares?). Is the Picasso family broke or what’s going on here? Ouch! Also, the ‘art work’ is truly ‘abysmal’! TCHIBO STAFF THATAWAY

Picasso on Sale

Das ist Kulturindustrie vom Feinsten! Diese Woche gibt’s Picasso Lithographien im Sonderangebot bei Tchibo. € 400,00 pro Print oder €1000 bei Abnahme von dreien. Ein Echtheitszertifikat mit Picassos Unterschrift gibt es dazu (er ist 1973 gestorben, aber wen juckt’s?). Ist Picassos Familie pleite oder was geht da ab? Aua! Das Artwork ist ebenfalls unterirdisch (bzw. unterseeisch;-)


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  1. Damn, that’s scary! Just goes to show what the status of art in contemporary society really is–there is really no difference between Picasso and the things listed next to his artwork on the Tchibo site you show above (TV, fitness, loans, …). So sad. Is this worth a boycott? Or is this just a matter of smacking the people who buy their art from Tchibo upside the head? Or should we all buy the art to get it away from Tchibo? Oh, so confusing this early in the morning.

  2. Absolutely scary! The panel looks like it belongs in an episode of Sponge Bob!

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