Goodbye Vorradelberg!

May 2, 2007 at 4:22 pm | Posted in Job | 15 Comments
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On Monday I handed in my letter of resignation – YES!!!!! Just a little more time and I’ll be out of here… going to the final staff meeting today only confirmed that I need to get out of this place SOON! Meet me in Vienna towards the end of summer!


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  1. Good luck Jana dear, in whatever you do!! A better life awaits you! πŸ™‚

  2. Well done, anaj, and all the very, very best wishes for the future πŸ™‚

  3. Hurray!! πŸ˜€ Sounds like the time had definitely come. Takes courage to go after something better. I wish you much happiness!!

  4. I hereby second (or rather fourth) the previous wishes–good luck and enjoy your summer of freedom.

  5. Have fun in Vienna. When are you going to be there? I might be around Italy or Switzerland sometime in August..not very sure though. I also want to visit Austria..let’s see
    BTW, are you going to discontinue blogging till then?

  6. Thanks for all your good wishes!

    @Lallopallo: Let me know when you are coming – I am in the West of Austria now, barely 20km away from Switzerland, Vienna is in the East, i.e. more than 700km away from Switzerland. No, I don’t think I am going to discontinue blogging until August:-)

  7. See, I missed that. I was so f***ed yesterday that I didn’t even manage to blog 😐

    Anyway, well done for taking the step. I’m definitely going to see you in Vienna some time :). Vorradelberg was pretty, but twice in a lifetime is enough πŸ˜›

  8. And three years enough for ten lives:-)

  9. Thanks again for the invitation dear. You know what..Iam really really hoping that I visit couple of countries in Europe this summer. One thing which can act as a spanner to my plans is “Schengen visa” which I need to travel in Europe. Recently, my friend had a tough time getting one and he was so pissed off with French embassy-where he applied for it- that he decided not to apply for it at all! May be my friend acted as an asshole or it was other way around…I dont know
    I will be having a Canadian passport around December and then I dont need a visa for most of the world including almost all of Europe. So here is the plan..either I take Schengen visa soon and plan a trip during August to Switzerland/Austria ( where I have one more friend , Donja -she is doing her Phd) and possibly to Italy too, or I wait till early next year and when I go to India ( as per my plan, Iam hoping to be there around early next year for my movie and stuff) I go via Europe- and at that time, I wont need to get a Visa for that.
    I think I will decide soon and let you know.

  10. Hey, and what a nice time you have:-) Btw, what does Devdas mean (I mean: adding a das)?

  11. Nice time you have? Or you mean name? lol

  12. Sorry, this is tooo late – almost half past two at midnight. So I managed to combine to messages: Hope that you are going to have a nice time! And you do have a nice name! Can you solve the -das riddle for me, please? Of course I can google it also (but it’s nicer to hear from people)

  13. Well, Devdas was the name of main protagonist of Sarat Chandra’s Novel ” Devdas” written in early twentieth century, with the backdrop of feudal eastern Bengal of late nineteenth century. It was a story of lost love where Devdas’s longing for his lost true love ends with his death at the doorsteps of his beloved Paro. The story of devdas fired imagination of many filmmakers since 1930’s and till now- as per my knowledge- 4 movies have been made on that novel. The latest one was SRK starrer made in 2002 by Sanjay leela bhansali. Although it achieved great commercial and international success -primarily due to it’s costumes and some intelligent marketing- it was a loud and mediocre attempt. I say this because I have watched Dilip Kumar starrer and Bimal Roy directed Devdaas (1955) umpteen times and it beautifully captures the essence of the novel. Dilip Kumar’s acting is first rate and if you have been in true love and lost it, you can feel every bit of it through the travails of character- Devdas- he portrays. Bimal roy was an internationally acclaimed director of his times and was counted by many in the same league as Satyajit Ray. His ‘Do Beegha Zameen’ and Devdas were true masterpieces, and incidentally, he was also inspired by Italian neo realistic cinema ( Bicycle Thieves)
    Over the years,in Indian popular culture, the name Devdas has come to epitomize a loner who shuns normal life and is unable to get over his lost love. It is more talked in fun way now .So,if people find a guy with unshaved beard and morose look, they will say ” why have you become a Devdas” ..Hope you got the meaning now.
    Now, coming to my name..Parents named me, Devinder but over the years, most of the people -especially girls- prefer calling me Dev..I think it’s more cool.

    Although I empathize with the character of Devdaas and do not make fun of it, I feel that it’s not a good idea to lose everything for lost love

  14. Oh, wow, thank you, this is much more of an explanation than I expected! Thank you!

  15. You are welcome.I guess you just wanted to know the meaning of Devdas and I got carried
    I think nowadays Iam suffering from temporary dementia.

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