More polar bears

April 22, 2007 at 9:30 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Impressed by Cute Knut’s international success, Chicago’s Brookfield zoo has introduced their own polar bear cub to the public and announced that it was “cuter than Knut”. It’s a bit scruffier than Knut, because it isn’t reared by a human and therefore not bathed and brushed every day. The little one doesn’t have a name yet, but apparently zoo visitors can take part in a naming contest.

It’s the fifth litter of 22-year old mother Arki, which makes you wonder once more what the fuzz (ha ha!) with Knut in the Berlin Zoo is all about. Polar bear cubs being born in zoos don’t seem so rare after all. So it must be the fact of being rejected by his mother, having lost his twin and, of course, the overwhelming cuteness of a white fluffy bear on the lap of a scruffy human:-) It’s this constellation, not the bear.


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  1. Cool! I hadn’t heard about that yet. I should go see it. Then I’ll let you know is this one is really cuter than Knut.

  2. Right, you are in Chicago! You MUST go then!

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