Cute Knut receives death threats!

April 20, 2007 at 12:15 am | Posted in Global Warming | 8 Comments
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Knut the polar bear, the survivor of a set of twin polar bears born on 5 December 2006 in Berlin has received a death threat! It’s quite incredible how the birth of a polar bear can trigger off such as media frenzy – I didn’t even know that it was rare that polar bears were born in zoos (and actually, I am not even sure that this is true – but at least it would explain the phenomenon). “Ihr Scheiss Deitschen mit eichen dreckigen Eisbärn” my boyfriend complains;-)

But hey, the whole world except Austria and Switzerland joins in! Just watch this video on Youtube – I doubt it was a German who created and uploaded it:-)

Mr. Dörflein must be the happiest zoo keeper in the whole wide world!

*) Austrian for “You damn Germans with your dirty polar bear!”


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  1. My guess is that the creator of the video is American. The opening spoofs the intro to Dallas (which used to come on after the A-Team in the ’80s. Here’s the intro:

    And about the show:

  2. Sorry, let’s see if the link works this time:

  3. Hey! Look who’s back! Btw, I checked again and it seem that I was wrong and the creator was German, too. Globalization made sure that even the Teutonic tribes in the 20th century grew up with JR and Bobby:-)

  4. I wish that it worked both ways, and that we’d been watching German shows, too. Maybe Web 2.0 will make us less insular here. Seems to be working so far:)

    I’d get into the specifics of Dallas, but it was on after my bedtime;)


  6. Ma!

  7. hey ONE MOMENT! exept who? austrians AND swiss? NOOOnonononono. 20 Minuten Ostschweiz, Linth Zeitung, Blick (The Swiss “Sun”) are all full of Knut Stories. You can even win “meet Knut” trips to Berlin. Knut is definitely big in Switzerland.

  8. […] 2007 at 9:30 am (Ursus maritimus, Chicago Zoo, Berlin Zoo, Knut, Polar Bear, cub) Impressed by Cute Knut’s international success, Chicago’s Brookfield zoo has introduced their own polar bear cub to the public and announced […]

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