Cute Knut receives death threats!

April 20, 2007 at 12:15 am | Posted in Global Warming | 8 Comments
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Knut the polar bear, the survivor of a set of twin polar bears born on 5 December 2006 in Berlin has received a death threat! It’s quite incredible how the birth of a polar bear can trigger off such as media frenzy – I didn’t even know that it was rare that polar bears were born in zoos (and actually, I am not even sure that this is true – but at least it would explain the phenomenon). “Ihr Scheiss Deitschen mit eichen dreckigen Eisbärn” my boyfriend complains;-)

But hey, the whole world except Austria and Switzerland joins in! Just watch this video on Youtube – I doubt it was a German who created and uploaded it:-)

Mr. Dörflein must be the happiest zoo keeper in the whole wide world!

*) Austrian for “You damn Germans with your dirty polar bear!”

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