Inclusive means: not some, but all, all, all, all, all

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I just chanced upon a terrific quote by Desmond Tutu with which he commented on the appointment of the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican church. It is applicable to many other spheres, too:

I am deeply saddened at a time when we’ve got such huge problems … that we should invest so much time and energy in this issue… I think God is weeping. […]

Jesus did not say, ‘I if I be lifted up I will draw some’.

Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up I will draw all, all, all, all, all.

Black, white, yellow, rich, poor, clever, not so clever, beautiful, not so beautiful.

It’s one of the most radical things. All, all, all, all, all, all, all, all.

All belong. Gay, lesbian, so-called straight.

All, all are meant to be held in this incredible embrace that will not let us go.



“Va. Tech gunman” & the NBC material

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So the NBC received material from the “Virgina Tech Tech gunman” between the first shooting in the early morning and the second two hours later, and received it the traditional way, via mail. A selection of pictures and video from this “multimedia manifesto” can be seen on the NBC homepage (btw: not among the top headlines of or here on

I’m hesitant to even form an opinion about this. It worries me deeply that the most atrocious crimes of our days (9/11, War in Iraq, Va. Tech) reach us as media representations mainly. I know there is no going back, and of course I am myself completely hooked up to the media sphere. Nevertheless, I often dream about a life that would be confined to our immediate environment, and not haunted by the mediamatic ghosts of our times. No need in telling me that this dream is pointless, and I am not the type of conservationist who’d want to turn back the time. But I still have the feeling that it would be healthier if…

As said above, this is such a sensitive issue that I don’t even WANT to articulate a view of my own.

Language is a virus, and it seems as if ‘society’ (or which ever name you’d like to give this dumb mob) has decided to baptize a new strain after the name ‘Cho Seung-Hui’. Jetsam wrote something earlier in a comment about the witch media hunt after the shooter’s parents that has now started. And I have a very bad feeling about this collision between mediamatic codes of representation and archaic ways of dealing with a crisis.

EDIT: And I don’t think that the material should have been published. I fear that the publication did only contribute to the further shaping of the gunman mold, making it a discursive vehicle for all sorts of troubled minds who are craving for a way out of the insignificance of their own lives.

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