Writing Competition: Confirmation has arrived :-)

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Yesterday I received a confirmation from the organizers of the Autorinnenforum that my own confirmation of participation was NOT late – so I’m definitely in – *sigh with relief*

I’m currently experiencing the wonderful, transmogrifying effects of Interpellation – I’m becoming a writer by virtue of having been selected. And I feel like all I want to do from now on is sit down and write. But I need to be patient. I first need to get out of my current job, then I can indulge.

The process of interpellation goes as far as to make me reexamine my history for hints of developing, future authorship. E.g. the memory came back today that my first dream job as a kid was Writer (ah, I wish there was something similarly pathetic in English as the German term “Schriftsteller”) and that I wrote a couple of ultra short stories (three or four sentences) about a mouse (MAUS), a monkey (AFFE) and ULI and LILO in my first year at school.

Furthermore: My brother sent me a photograph yesterday as a kind of nostalgic birthday present. What struck me about that picture yesterday – I cannot be any older than three – was how ‘grown-up’ I look in it. Or as my boyfriend said: The expression on my face is the one that writers like to have on the sleeves of their books: friendly, confident, heart and mind open to the world and its wonders.


So considering the process I am going through today, I’ll forgive myself doing something pathetic as posting childhood photographs, featuring myself;-)

My big fat birthday

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Kinda scary, isn’t it?

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