What to do if you’re blacklisted?

April 17, 2007 at 5:04 pm | Posted in Blogging, Spam | 3 Comments
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It seems as if my blog is now rated as ‘spam’, because anywhere I comment my comments go immediately into the moderation queue. And while I don’t consider this an outwardly political intervention, I am beginning to wonder whether this might have to do with my “End Guantanamo” banner – at least temporally, there seems to be a connection:


Traffic had leveled off at about 200 a day (the left most value was an aberration), and now it’s gone back to an average of 60, which I had in my very first month of blogging – in spite of taking to the heart some of Lenina’s advice on increasing blog traffic (actually, only the last one, the one that I care for the most: post regularly).

I mailed the WP team about being blacklisted, and they referred my to akismet.com/contact, but they never responded nor did anything about it. So do you think that it’s possible that there is a connection to the Guantanamo banner? There’s just a handful of blogs where I post regularly, and even on Jetsam’s blog I suddenly found myself blacklisted (it’s o.k. to comment on a blog once one of your comments has been approved).

That’d be really sad for the blogosphere if it responded that sensitively to political intervention of the most modest kind:-(

Yesterday also proved that the opposite of one of Lenina’s pieces of advice may work: She recommended to refer to current news stories – the slow food approach would be to write pieces of eccentric interest and wait for the stray reader to come.

And yay! Yesterday somebody found his or her way to my blog using the following search term:

butterschiff means

And here’s the answer to that question;-)


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  1. maybe it’s because you keep changing your email address? For instance on my blog, you ended up in the mod queue the other day (or was it today) because you’ve used a different email addy yet again 😛

    and on my blog I’ve got it set so that each first-time user commenting is automatically in moderation 😉

  2. Some would rather see no dissent when the dissent is critical of them…..it’s another voice giving an alternate version of reality to the one they’re tied up in trying to promote. I have no idea if there’s a Guantanamo connection or not…..but it wouldn’t surprise me with the walking lobotomies running the White House now.

  3. @Lenina: Ha! This could be. I just ended up In Jetsam’s moderation queue again – because I just did it again. Doesn’t account for the traffic decline though (I know, you’re oblivious to such worries;-)

    @Dirk Gently: I like the expression ‘Walking Lobotomy’. George W.(alking Lobotomy) Bush:-)

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