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Munich, March 31 2007: Henry Maske (DE) defeats Virgil Hill, the guy at whose hands he had lost his last fight ten years ago, the only loss in a total of 32 fights in his professional career. Maske had been ridiculed over the past half year for his decision to return to the boxing ring, in particular by news magazine DER SPIEGEL (who, in spite of their past spitfiring, celebrated him unanimously in a current report). I’ve never watched a whole fight before, and was deeply worried when the game started – I know that beating someone up and getting beaten up is the purpose of this sport, and that’s just why it seems so nonsensical to me. After the first half set of rounds, however, I was completely drawn into hit, and towards the end I couldn’t turn my eyes away. What a strange sport though. The interview and finally the speech that Maske gave after the fight were something else: still on an adrenaline high, unable to stand still, he commented on the game and gave his good-bye speech, the one he had intended to give ten years ago already. Sounds like a fairy-tile – or in the words someone at digg.com used to described the fight:

Just like in the ROCKY BALBOA movie: German boxer Henry Maske returns 10 years after his last fight. He challenges the World Champion Virgil Hill, the one man he lost against in the last fight of his carreer. After last night, the score between these two can be considered settled.

Henry Maske's victory over Virgil Hill Henry Maske's victory over Virgil Hill

Henry Maske's victory over Virgil Hill Henry Maske's victory over Virgil Hill

Henry Maske's victory over Virgil Hill Henry Maske's victory over Virgil Hill

Francisca UrioOther losers and winners: Francisca Urio, the undoubtedly best female DSDS* (German Pop Idol) contestant was kicked out yesterday. Six candidates remain, most of them not half as gifted as Francisca. Too perfect, too beautiful, too talented to not stir up feelings of jealousy and envy among television audiences. Mediocrity rules. Speculations that the voting was faked are now rife in the forums, in particular because Dieter Bohlen, when asked for his verdict, first jokingly said that Francisca would have to leave – correcting himself immediately afterwards but that seed was sowed. Listen to Francisca singing – and to Lauren Talbot, the Emily the strange lookalike who would have left if the Jury had had it their way. Other forum rumours have it that jury member Anja Lukaseder is going to throw in the towel because the best voice was now voted out…

Wouldn’t it be nice if people showed as much commitment to and excitement about government elections;-)

*: Deutschland sucht den Superstar

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