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March 26, 2007 at 7:15 am | Posted in Network | 5 Comments
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Ever since I designed the End Guantanamo! banner, the traffic on my blogged has reached a new low: It’s been continually growing over the past month, but yesterday it dropped behind the mark last achieved 20 days ago. Could the CIA or FBI be blocking or slowing down access my blog? Do you think that Network Neutrality is attainable in a world where torture camps are run by a country that claims to be bringing freedom to the world? Even if I am just paranoid – give some thought to it!

End Guantanamo End Guantanamo End Guantanamo End Guantanamo End Guantanamo End Guantanamo


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  1. ja, bei mir war heute morgen auch schon jemand von der CIA… 😉

  2. […] a number of anaj’s recent posts all contain references to blog traffic and her monitoring thereof, so I thought I’d revisit […]

  3. Just a quick US update: The attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, is embroiled in a controversy about firing state attorneys at the justice department. It is suspected that he will be pressured to resign. This is a blow to the Bush administration’s miniscule credibility.

    On Friday the House voted for a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by September 2008. It’s not the immediate withdrawal many want, but still a significant step in that direction. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House is largely responsible for this victory.

    The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, raised concerns about the legality of Guantanamo, but the administration has since suggested that those concerns have been put to rest.

    Opposition, while a far cry from what it should be, is growing. This doesn’t speak to worries about terrorist organizations like the CIA, but any good news from this quarter is a welcome change.

  4. Yeah, I read about Robert Gates’ concerns, and that instilled a bit of new hope in me. I’ve talked to a number of people here and it seems as if the majority of people in Europe doesn’t below that the next elections are going to change anything, or even if the administration changes that nobody would right this big black wrong that is Guantanamo. I am myself quite thrilled about the prospect of a political change – it’s almost like the Boers’ giving up their rule over South-Africa. I really hope, for the reconciliation of humanity, that Guantanamo isn’t to last. Any maybe getting in some South African to hear about the TRC (Truth & Reconciliation) hearing wouldn’t be a bad idea either. That’s what germany shold have done, in order to clear the legacy that was left behind by the GDR and the Stasi.

  5. I don’t know that there will be big changes, but people are pissed off, and that may move whoever is elected to make some changes. Ending Guantanamo, getting out of Iraq, providing some form of universal health care, recommitting to the geneva conventions and working to repair international relations by committing to global environmental standards–these are not radical changes, but they will do some good.

    Historically the US regime has not been sufficiently concerned about reparations. See for example the ongoing segregation of any US city. One advantage of a Democratic congress is the likelihood that public hearings on a variety of issues will be held. I wish we would invited witnesses from around the world to these proceedings. Additionaly I would encourage the War Crimes court in the Hague to consider trying members of the Bush administration.

    I forgot to mention that Chuck Hagel, a Republican Senator from Nebraska, wants to look into the possibility of Impeachment proceedings.

    The American Left, as I’ve said, has a lot of work before it. I share a modicum of anticipation that something soon must give.

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