Should I Stay or Should I Go? 27/40

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I’m feeling a bit computered out these days, but that comes as no surprise. I’m doing almost everything on the computer, even the contemplative moments that I need for class preparations are spent on the computer. I also fill a great deal of my spare time with writing (blogging and other) or other arb thing to do on the computer . I’m beginning to grow tired of the sound of my lappy (although my boyfriend would probably claim the opposite;-) but my reclusion to the virtual certainly has a lot to do with my complete aversion to the place (as in: town, not in apartment) where I live. I’ve practically gone into hibernation, not even trying to settle in anymore (that wouldn’t be possible without a complete brainwash anyway:-) So soon I need to make up my mind as to what is going to get me out of here. Or how I am going to get myself out of here. It’s a bit of a daunting task – the one and not inconsiderable thing (considering this is capitalism) I have here is a fairly secure job which even allows me to save a little without having to scrimp. It’s like hibernating and putting on fat at the same time. But to which end? And putting on fat forever cannot be good for you either.

Main question is: Am I bold enough to leave without having secured a job for myself elsewhere? But securing a job and _then_ resigning is a bit complicated, as I cannot leave during the semester (unless I was keen on having to bail me out of my contract). And where should I/we go? There are several places under discussion, but final decision is pending (and hard to come up with anyway – eventually, we will go where the money/job is).

A bit of entertainment to brighten up these ruminating thoughts. I came across a website proclaiming itself to be the Pop Occulture Blog (through Oddun’s blog which has a nice pink design and pink is the colour of comfort). I don’t know really how to make sense of it and that’s the pleasant thing about it. The youtube videos are particularly worthwhile, having more to do with the mix than with the content. It’s got Neil Diamond, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash and other luminaries, but also stuff like the bit below. Can somebody tell me whether this is an American accent the kid has? Because he seems to fit the stereotype of the growing to be obese American boy all too well. The furniture also reeks of a corresponding social level. Give the people some books! It’s just 17 seconds, but I’m utterly fascinated:-)

End Guantanamo End Guantanamo End Guantanamo End Guantanamo End Guantanamo End Guantanamo


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  1. If it’s an American accent, I can’t place it. I also can’t stop watching this video. Patrick (the fire-breathing dragon) is clearly having a pretty good time. His sister, perhaps, providing technical assistance in back.

    Do you mean that the social level of the furniture corresponds to Patrick’s obesity? I don’t know what I make of that formulation. More clear is my agreement that some books might be a nice addition. But who knows, maybe it’s their garage or something.

    Hibernation or leaving without a job is a tough call. It’s sounds like you’re fairly unhappy where you are. Funny that we’re blown about by the availability of work. I guess that’s not uncommon, but still runs counter to some idea that there’s a choice in where you live and what you do. The illusion of freedom. The illusion of fire.

  2. here’s what I would do:

    – get your BF to apply for jobs in a location that you both desire (e.g. Vienna). If and when he has a job offer, he moves there. Result: one of you has a guaranteed source of income in a location that you both like.

    – you jack in your job and move to wherever your BF’s job is; once there, you start applying for jobs yourself.

    – this would only work if: (a) you and your BF decide to move in together (b) your BF doesn’t mind being the ‘breadwinner’ for the interim period (while you’re looking for a job) and (c) you have some savings which will allow you to do the above without feeling you’re in his pocket

    I would not jack in your job without another job in the pipeline, unless you had somewhere to go and your partner had a job and was willing to support you (accomodation etc.) while you’re job-hunting.

    I do think you need to make a change soon, but don’t do it without having a good sytem in place (see above).

  3. @Cabbage: Of course I have absolutely no empirical proof for it, but I tend to associate furniture styles with nutrition. In the example above, I don’t seem to be able to recognize a particular furniture style other than: we bought what Möbelix (name of a bottom of the range Austrian furniture store) had available at the lowest price. Kitchen and office and living room items seem to be mixed in one space, so it is in a way the opposite of designated cooking, working and living areas which you’d find in established middle class homes. The assumption being that nutrition would be just as random, aiming at quick satisfaction rather than on balance and health value –> fried chicken, burgers, takeaway food, coke and dr. pepper’s, huge bowls of cereal –> leading to obesity.

    @Lenina: I have a system in place (–> savings, hence no need of a breadwinner to support me) and we have identified locations where we can both imagine moving (Vienna and Munich) – which reduces everything down to the question of when this is going to happen: Is moving to Vienna without a job a smart move? It probably is. I could be out of here in half a year:-) Having to wait another year seems unbearable. Thanks for helping me to realize this!

  4. Well, we all seem to be in agreement that you need to leave as Before or Behind the Mountain (depending on your viewpoint) ain’t going to get any better than it already is. I agree with lenina that you also need to think “financially”: how long will your savings last? (Munich and Vienna are expensive, and Munich has horrendous rent prices coupled with a housing shortage). if you were considering going to, for example, Leipzig, I’m sure you could get by on less. I would not give this job up without one of you having a secure income and being prepared to help the other out. Munich would be ideal for commuting (just like our colleague), at least for a semester, until you both are settled. Or you take a risk, and pursue your dreams . . . if you do this, you need to ask yourself, why you haven’t taken such a risk in the past, and whether you have it in you to take that risk now. In this respect, age (hate to mention this) is an important factor, especially in Germany, for success. If you don’t do it now, perhaps you never will, and you probably won’t get another chance in Germany’s culture industry that does not seem to promote older “quereinsteiger”. That all being said, I totally agree with your determination to leave. I also spend more time communicating “virtually” or with my shrink than face-to-face, and I am also disgruntled working for an “educational” establishment whose view of the world is 1950s corporate USA. Hope that was helpful. Please keep us posted.

  5. Taking decisions such as these are always tough. I think it makes sense that first you guys decide where you want to move, and when one of you gets a job, the other one also moves. I am sure it’s also important for you that wherever you move, you dont make too many adjustments in terms of kind of work you wanna do.
    Good luck with this!

  6. Thanks Greg and Lallopallo for your goof wishes:-)

    Regarding the financial: I really don’t worry about that as much as you (Greg) seem to think is appropriate, as I believe that I can always wait tables to make ends meet. I don’t think the question “How long are my savings going to last?” is very useful, because where would you draw the line then? Is three months enough? six? A year? I’d rather ask: How long would it take me to get a job waiting tables? My answer: No more than four weeks, and that if you’re daft.

    But what is more important I checked with the Arbeiterkammer website the result being that, even if I resign myself, I’ll only have to wait 4 weeks until I get welfare.

  7. @Greg:

    >>if you do this, you need to ask yourself, why you haven’t taken such a risk in the past, and whether you have it in you to take that risk now.

    I don’t get it – why do I need to ask myself why I haven’t taken such a risk in the past?

  8. Hi anaj, since you have answers to everyone’s questions and as such seem very much set on leaving, I would just go for it. GOOD LUCK!!

  9. 🙂

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