My Lent Countdown is All Screwed up 26/40

March 22, 2007 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Food, Lent | 4 Comments

According to today’s Lent count down 30/40, I would stop fasting in ten days from now. I realized, however, that we are still 17 days from Easter Sunday. How to account for that? I did a bit of research and then found at that it was decided during the Synod of Benevent in 1019 that thou shalt not fast on Sundays… oh noooooooo! Sacrifice made for nothing:-) I am not going to change my policy now though. Nevertheless, I need to adjust my countdown: Back to 26/40.



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  1. Why you need to fast dear??

  2. Hellooo! I don’t _need_ to fast, I want to:-) It’s the first time this year that I am participating in this Lent thing ever. I thought (and still think) it to be a neat idea to consume _less_ during a designated amount of time in the year. Normally Ashes Wednesday to Easter Sunday… it’s not a religious decision in my case though.

  3. Time is a funny construct. I remember reading somewhere about a moment in the 18th century when France was using the Gregorian calender, and England, the Julian. (The British were not fond of accepting a catholic calender). It was thus possible to travel back in time if one traveled from France to England. This had some real potential for love letters traveling across the channel. “My dear, the infelicities of which you accuse me, could never have happened at the aforesaid time, because, indeed, that is two weeks hence!”

  4. Yes, that’s pretty cool. The idea of different time zones alone is quite thrilling, even if it’s sometimes just a one or two hour difference. And then considering that the people on Korea are eight hours ahead, and Chicago eight hours behind of me! Cooler even: South Africa and Germany are on par – unless it’s summer. Too few people have watches in South Africa, so day light saving wouldn’t work. And you cannot reset the sun really:-)

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