Kareena & Paris: Twins Separated at Birth? 22/40

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It’s probably a bit unfair towards the Indian actress, but I realized recently that Kareena Kapoor and Paris Hilton have a lot in common, feature-wise. Also, both come from well-known, affluent families. The Hilton clan is well known for their trade, the hotel industry, and have also produced minor celebrity Nicky Hilton (Paris’ sister), while the Kapoor clan has produced some fine Bollywood actors, including the probably biggest star ever (I think), Raj Kapoor. Kareena actually looks a lot like him, but he might as well be Paris’ father. And they’re practically the same age, Kareena been born in September 1980 and Paris in February 1981.


In the film that meant her breakthough, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kareena played a spoiled brat reminiscent of Paris in the first part of the film, but then her character bethought herself of traditions and spirituality and became a decent (if particularly fashionable) housewife in the end.

Regarding Paris, she was said to have marketed her own private photographs and videos in a clumsy guerrilla warfare strategy recently. The idea was to try to make people believe that Paris wasn’t able to pay her storage unit bill, that her stuff was auctioned off and that ‘they’, i.e. the makers of a site named Paris Exposed, had bought it. Access was granted for $ 49. Here is a link to the trailer video of that same website (which seems to be down now). The video is boring, hence no inclusion into my post, but if you ever wanted to catch a glimpse of Paris’ nipples (yawn), go watch it.

Apart from that, Paris Hilton was received with major ennui in Austria when she appeared at the Vienna opera ball this year. Her appearance first attracted major media interest, but the unanimous verdict was that she wasn’t worth a penny of the alleged € 300.000 she received for attending the ball. For most of the evening, she sat in construction magnate Lugner’s VIP box, looking bored, checking either her looks in a hand-mirror or her cell phone for new messages. Neither was she seen on the dance floor nor seen socializing with the Viennese haute volée. The general assumption was that she had expected more attention – but the Vienna opera ball is certainly not the place where an American heiress who’s good at aprés ski or exposing her undergarments would make much of an impression. Those people have seen worse in their own circles, but at least they know how to be cultivated.

While mentioning Paris’ cellphone addiction: Kareena Kapoor apparently spent most of her time on the set of Asoka with her cellphone glued to her ear, only putting it down when being called by the director;-)

But all in all, the clear winner of this comparison is Kareena – even though I think that her eyes, like Paris’, are too close to each other. At least she has never lowered herself to crotch shots or published homemade sex videos, nor to marketing such material through dodgy websites.

Some films featuring Kareena (all for which she received awards):
Don (2006, Cameo, but hot!)
Omkara (2006)
Dev (2004)
Chameli (2004)
Kabhi Khushi KabhieGham (2001)
Asoka (2001)
Refugee (2000)

Some ‘films’ featuring Paris:
House of Wax (2005, Teen Choice award for Best Scream)
1 Night in Paris (2004, the infamous sex tape her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon released; she received directorial credit for the video which won the Adult Video News award for Best Selling Video; just a note on the side: she also looked bored in that video)
The Simple Life (2003-, TV)


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  2. Jana
    I was wondering if you had seen German movie, Lives of others which got academy award for best foreign film this year. I thought movie was simply amazing..
    I really wanted to discuss it with somebody who understands the context better than me..I found movie so intense and well done that I researched whatever material I could find on internet..there are some classic reviews, especially at NYtimes, which made me understand the movie even better..The director is first timer ..33 year old film school dropout..
    Well, what do you think of the movie and of the socialist east german context shown in the movie…times before the end of Berlin wall.?

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  4. hey kareena u r so cute and i like your all movies and u and aishwarya rai are my best actresses and i saw your a ll moveis bye bye best of luck

  5. hi bebo u r my fav actres.i want to b like u.i love u.

  6. hey chek out her latest movie tashan kareena luk xactly like paris….

  7. Yes they do look alike, they both are rude, they both are beautiful, they both have manly faces.

  8. i kareena your my favourite actress your the best
    i really want to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hi i am your fan i raelly want to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Who’s this Kareena bitch…. she’s ugly as Shit. Paris is way better. By the way did u notice. Paris has pointed ears…. but she is so sexy MUA MUA I wish i could kiss her right now

    • She’s a Bollywood superstar, and all Kareena fans – of which there are many more than Paris fans – are now mad at you.

  11. hi kareena your the best actress in the world love you your n1 fan

  12. you look just like paris nice photo

  13. kareena much way better than paris hilton sucks

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