Curry and Roti 19/40

March 11, 2007 at 2:14 pm | Posted in Food, Globalization, Indian, Lent | 6 Comments

Last Sunday’s post was dedicated to Korea, this Sunday’s post is dedicated to South Africa, in particular my former digs mate Trusha, and also my former digs mate Sarah G., although I have lost touch with her (I know that she’s married – wedding was held in India, but I am not so sure whether this also means that she moved to India).

I prepared a vegetarian curry and roti for lunch – the latter being a type of bread, for most Europeans/Westerners probably strongly reminiscent of tortillas, but nicer:-) So far, I am not even half as far as I intended to get in my command of the Indian cuisine (guided by the Indian cookbook I received from Trusha’s mom Gayatri – the best cookbook ever, truly packed with recipes and wisdom – other than most European cookbooks which take two pages to explain just one dish). Nevertheless, roti will always do the trick if you want to impress someone (well – a European) with your skills in preparing Indian food.

Roti for Lunch

I took a picture of my roti making attempts – it may be that the output would seem rather curious to any experienced Indian cook. My digs mate Sarah had a very peculiar way of preparing them – she put one that was already done on top of the one she was about to bake and then twisted, twisted, twisted it until it was well-cooked, but not burnt. Hers were also perfectly round – I haven’t yet developed enough ambition in the area of symmetrical food;-)

Roti for Lunch

All in all, I made 20 roti from a dough of maize meal and white flour (I like it better with wholewheat flour, but the one I had had gone off) of which we ate 11 just among the two of us, to complement the curry;-)

As you might have guessed already (if you think along those lines), vegetarian curry and roti is also a perfect Lent meal. One more day until I have reached Day 20 of my 40 days of Lent – meaning I am only just about halfway through it 😦


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  1. big thanks for the dedication jana, although I can’t take any credit in the indian cooking department… have been spoilt by my mum’s cooking (which I unfreeze from plastic containers in the fridge each time I want something that reminds me of home)… and psst – your rotis are even rounder than my mum’s;-)

    and btw sarah g (aka george) is pregnant! the ironies of being the youngest one out of our african street lot… she’s still slogging away at work though with no plans for an early retirement and becoming a soccer mum… go george:-)))

    ciao ciao

    ps. think i may need to get some early tucker… all this yummy food is making me hungry…

  2. Trusha!!!! Always nice to hear from you – how old is Sarah meanwhile? Has she hit the thirty already? (Have you? I’ve got my double three coming up). The good thing about being pregnant in South Africa is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone to look after your child while you are at work – not so easy in Europe/Germany, where women are currently being slagged off for not wanting to reproduce – at the same time, there are hardly any daycare centers that would accept kids that are younger than 3. But after three years of course, it’s going to be pretty tough to get back into the jobmarket… hence so few children.

    P.S. Thanks for prasing the shape of my roti – I suppose you are still in Cape Town.

  3. Wow!!! U r amazing Jana…

    I know and I can vouch that cooking roti is one of the toughest things to learn in Indian cooking and u managed it sooooooooo well…. The shape was near perfect and believe me… I have a roomie who makes rotis which r worse than urs… So, chill…. You actually making rotis better than some Indian girls 😉

    Rock on girl!!!

  4. Thanks for the compliments, Nova:-)))) My next project is a Biryani – that doesn’t burn like my last one;-)

  5. george is fine, last I heard, struggling with morning sickness and perpetually exhausted in her new job but so are the labours of a modern mum… I guess our cheap flexible labour does work out well for the modern middle class mum, however undesirable it is for our social and moral conscience! but i’m also not so sure why reproduction is still such a huge issue in the global North unless it is because the “swart gevaar” has been taken over by the Chinese and Indian gevaar;-)))

    I guess as I approach the big 3-0 (happens at the end of this yr btw) it populating the earth looms large (or should I say for impendent grandparents!). I do have six sweet little aids orphans whom I hang out with as often as I can…

    george is only 27, i think.
    tina and sarah mac turn 30 next year feb…
    guess we’re all getting on…. and older…


  6. PS. good luck with the biryani:-)))

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