Goat milk, what a delight! 18/40

March 10, 2007 at 11:46 am | Posted in Consumerism, Food, Lent | 16 Comments

Just to share some simple news with you – I just drank an entire half litre of goat milk and it was absolutely divine! I think it was the first time that I drank that stuff. Because both lamb meat and goat cheese have such a distinct goat shed flavour, I kind of expected the same from goat milk. I was wrong – it’s the finest flavour a milk can have:-)

Had I bought a whole litre, I would have downed it all (a fine sentence for practicing conditionals;-)

Goat milk

LentDaily Lent (Day 18): At the same time, Lent seems to be beginning to get to me. Last night I dreamed that I went to a peculiar old-fashioned movie theatre with dark green velvet seating. There were several silver screens on the walls of the oval screening room and the seats – although looking as if they could break any moment – were mobile. So before the film began (it never began in my dream) the seats were moving around to make sure all people were positioned well to see the film. At the entrance you had to bargain for your ticket – most people had to pay ridiculous sums, also because the ticket vendor added ridiculous things to their request, such as bags and old magazines. I payed € 14 for a ticket and two giant sized slabs of Lindt , both dark chocolate, one with orange flavour and the other one with chili cherry mousse au chocolat filling on which I chowed happily away while moving around on my mobile chair. That catapulted me out of the Lent mindset to an extent that I almost ate some of the honey nut flakes for breakfast that linger in my cupboard (meanwhile stale).


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  1. i’m allergic to cows milk but have never had the guts to venture to goats milk. you may have just convinced me to have some- i’ve never heard it raved about before!

  2. Give it a try, I think it’s worthwhile – the one I had came from the supermarket but was fresh and was absolutely ‘stench-free’;-) Oh, and it says on the package that it is recommended for children who are allergic to cow’s milk – why exactly children I dunno, but I suppose that means that you shouldn’t react to it.

  3. Wow, I’ve never even seen goat milk in any supermarket. I do like goat cheese a lot, but I similarly would have suspected some funkyness in the milk. Are there any significant nutritional differences to cow milk?
    And: yes, one should worry about the effect of lent of one’s dreams begin to look like David Lynch movies. Remember the dwarf with the lamp in the green room in _Fire Walk With Me_ and all the movie stuff reminiscent of your dream in _Mulholland Drive_?

  4. Haven’t seen _Fire Walk With Me_, but HAVE seen _Mulholland Drive (have it hereon DVD, could watch it again), but I was blissfully unaware of any reminiscences – where do you see the similarities between my dream, before I really need to watch it again? Lynch always scares the shit out of me (while this is at the same time what I liked about Lynch – that it takes me to worlds of perception where I normally don’t hang around much… I also have an odd fascination with horror films whilst at the same time being hardly able to watch any).

  5. Oh–there are less overt similarities than merely stylistical ones. I.e. your dreams seem to be aesthetically close to Lynch, which , I guess, is better than saying that the subject matter and plot are the same. =)
    Might this be a side effect of the the goat milk? Might be a demonic force in it. After all, the goat is the symbol for evil, as the outlines of the face form an inverted pentagram. Suckling on the bosom of evil for Lent–hmmm… you might get into trouble with Ratze here.
    Sorry…no idea why I’m doing this religious thing this morning. Might be the apocalyptic feeling of having told myself that I will not get up from this desk today before I have not written at least 20 pages and finished this chapter. (hence my desire to procrastinate via blogging)

  6. Aesthetically – indeed, although I wasn’t aware of this. Now my dreams can scare the shit out of me, too! Another bizarre element of that dream: some seats had loose, bulging covers, giving rise to the eerie idea that somebody/something might be hidden beneath.

    Is that common knowledge that goats’ faces are inverted pentagram sor just a sudden idea? Since I am not catholic, Papa Ratzi has hardly a say over me. Phew!

    And procrastination is certainly among my favourite English words:-)

  7. yes, i believe that is one of the archetypal things. jung has a loft of fun with it (that old fascist). you can also find it in some tarot decks etc. it is two horns at the top, two hanging ears and the tip of the beard. there is a really interesting tarot set designed by h.r. giger that has a pretty scary rendition of such an inverted-goat-pentagram.

    and: hadn’t heard “papa ratzi” yet. hee, hee.

  8. Really? Papa Ratzi is one of the affectionate names he’s been giving in Europe – that was a natural, as pope in Latin/Italian is _papa_ anyway. Habemus papam.

  9. Iam told Mahatama Gandhi used to drink Goat milk 🙂 I dont know but I have always been wary of goat milk ..I always thought that it might be healthy but has very bad taste and smell..Going by what you say, it may not be the case.
    Btw, what do you teach..is it something related to movies?

  10. I teach English – but all my courses are so-called Content and Language Integrated Courses, and, among other things, I also get to teach an Introduction to Film Studies:-)

  11. Introduction to film studies..that sounds cool! Iam writing a script for a fiction movie which I intend to direct myself very soon..it’s a dream I have nurtured since long.
    So what type of cinema you focus on..World cinema or European cinema? May be you could point me towards some less known, but good, European cinema..Iam particularly interested in neo-realism type of cinema which originated in Italy after the depression of world war 2. Remember Bicycle thieves? And more recent manifestation of that was , amazing masterpiece ” Life is beautiful” by Robert Benigni

  12. In the introduction, I do not focus on any type of cinema in particular, although it often comes in handy to juxtapose Hitchcock and Godard (Continuity vs Discontinuity cinema). So any Nouvelle vague director would be a recommendation, Godard and Truffaut to start with. If you are interested in a more recent cinema, I’d recommend Austrian directors. If you can get your hands on a copy of Hundstage, by Ulrich Seidl, http://www.allegrofilm.at/katalog_detail.asp?KatalogID=60, that’d be a good start. It is, however, a rather radical film – but if you can appreciate it, then Austrian cinema would be for you.

  13. Btw, what kind of a story is your script about?

  14. Thanks a lot for this information. I will keep you updated..somebody recently told me about ” The criterion Collection” to check for best of European Cinema.
    As for my story, it’s about Lallopallo visits Moon 🙂
    Just kidding, I will tell you about it in detail soon.

  15. Btw, Little Otik, the film I just mentioned in my daily post, would also be worthwhile.

  16. […] Blogger-Identität) , verwandelte sich mein ganzes Umfeld in Material für Blogpost-Ideen – von Ziegenmilch zu Celebrity Big Brother UK und der deutschen Unterschichtenfernsehdebatte über Buchkritik und […]

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