Monolithic vs Serial Photography 16/40

March 8, 2007 at 2:18 pm | Posted in Food, Job, Lent, Photography | 7 Comments

A while ago I posted a small series of serial photos which were intended to endorse an application. The idea had been to offer a visual expression of the multiple facets that a personality (in this case: mine) has. Of course it is impossible to capture them all – it is probably not even possible to capture just one facet in a photograph. And of course the photograph will always give you a certain form or shape.

A week later, the company photographer took my photo again – for free and professionally. I don’t want to be bragging about his but my hair looked GREAT on that day. I started to grow it about a year ago and is incredible how long it already is. Nonetheless, it just came out STUPIDLY in the picture. We also took a few extra pictures at the end of the session with my hair tied up – and these are the only ones now that I can actually use for an application. I also read somewhere that women are more likely to be hired for a responsible position if they tie up their hair for the photograph. Reduce the feminine attributes to a minimum (but of course avoid looking like a butch;-)

To illustrate how monolithic a single picture can be, I’ll show you (if that isn’t contradictory) two versions of me: both are monolithic in the sense that each seems to invoke a singular meaning. The first one – colour, long hair – conjures up the idea of a slightly embittered woman (probably operating a library helpdesk) with low self-esteem, whereas the second one – black and white, hair tied up – makes me appear like a self-assured marketing dominatrix who goes water-skiing in her free time.

PassportPassport Pic

Neither of the two represent myself in a way that I’d like to see myself represented (the results achieved with the serial photographs were much better in that respect). Which ones should I use, you reckon? I have the feeling the dominatrix pic serves the purpose of an application the best (but would you like to share an office with that person?).

EDIT: Had to remove the div tags to center the image as they did something unexpected to the layout. Reduced the picture size at the same time. Found it quite unbearable to look at my own old mug in such a resolution and size;-)

LentDaily Lent (Day 16): I have meanwhile become the leftovers eater in my department. One of my colleagues has diabetes, so he may only eat small portions during the day and has to be careful with carbohydrates. The sandwiches sold in the cafeteria are too much for him, a banana is too large a portion. Enter: me. As I have been perpetually hungry the past days but hardly ever ate a full meal, I was grateful to have the bits and pieces he couldn’t eat. Today it got even worse: Although we went to the cafeteria to get a proper meal, I begged for half of his mashed potatoes (knowing that he cannot eat them all) and even nicked the three (cold, soggy) potatoe wedges my other colleagues had left on his plate. Admittedly, the vegetarian option really wasn’t very filling today: undercooked Quinoa patties with salad and a dressing with chives. I wonder whether there is any cafeteria that offers vegetarian food that doesn’t consist of veggie patties, and that aren’t almost always a disaster. Ask the vegetarians you know how often THEY have veggie patties when they cook for themselves – I personally never made any, because they stink.


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  1. Damn! If you are using Firefox: Something has ruined the layout of the blog and I cannot figure out what it is. Maybe something with the template. Dunno. Looking into this right now.

  2. Do you intend to mean the Dominatrix the same way as I reckon 🙂
    Well, jokes apart, I think the picture on the right is more suited for a job application.
    Talking of pictures, I am sure by now that photography is a tricky business. Forgot to tell you, I met somebody recently through a dating site and the first thing she told me within 5 minutes of our conversation was that I look much better in real compared to my picture posted on my profile. She also said that it’s bit unusual as in the past she found opposite to be true whenever she met guys after seeing/talking with them on internet. She advised me to have a professional picture taken next time…lol

  3. Hey Lallopallo, ooooh, that’s quite a story. Looking at the two professional pictures of mine above, I am not so sure whether I would advise I a professionally taken picture. I still think the best bet if a combination of

    _a large number of shots to choose from (snapshots!)

    The pictures above are of such a fine quality that you can see every pore – not in the black and white one, because I tweaked it a bit with the airbrush tool;-)

    In a dating community, a good picture is without doubt the best ‘sales document’ but it can also only get you as far as a first date. But if quantity is your aim (well, only to have a broader base to choose from, of course), then you should definitely try to get the best picture possible.

    Btw, did you upload your gangsta pic? Also btw, it’s gone on your blog.

    Edit: Just check again – now it’s back, but a smaller version. Btw, what is it that you teach?

  4. I guess you might be right about professional photography. I think professional or not, a minimum distance from the camera ( 1.5 meters atleast), proper angle and proper flash are the key things. One has to also accept that some people are more photogenic than others. And finally, it’s very difficult to be objective about your own see it with lot of baggage and stuff..One has to understand that it’s only a picture after all..
    Unfortunately pictures are the first impression in online community and most of the times pictures are much better than real people..That’s the reason I am not big fan of online dating sites..I will any day prefer speed dating which I find more real even if not perfect way to meet people..
    No, I didnt upload the “gangster” picture 🙂 Once you had told me I look like gangster, I never had the courage to put that one there:) And the one you see now is a different one not the earlier..but it seems I look like gangster there too 😦
    I teach a course in a private institution..the course is regarding an exam preparation which is prerequisite to get into management school.
    I replied to your comment regarding himalayas on my blog.

  5. Oooh no, I’m sorry that my comment was the cause for changing the picture! The picture was alright, it’s the hat that made me think ‘gangsta’ (and you are wearing the hat in both pics) – but gangsta not in the sense of thief or criminal, but rather referring to the hip hip style of that outfit!

  6. Well, Iam relieved now 🙂 So, that was a compliment. Well that winter cap,along with my features and puny tail, makes me look spaniard or atleast that’s what 9 out of 10 people tell me here.

  7. True , now that you mention it – in particular the pony tail (which I cannot see in the picture either, but I am imagining it:-)

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