Helge makes Lent music 7/40

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LentToday I propose a combined Lent & Life post in which I declare Helge Schneider the perfect composer and performer of Lent music. Those who keep regular contact to the German language sphere will certainly know his hit single “Möhrchen” (Little Carrot) from 2003. In this song, he proposes to abstain from drugs and to have carrots instead, using the following memorable lines:

Mariejohanna is nich gut
Mariejohanna is nichte gutta
Mariejohanna is nich gut
Makt dir auch die Futte kaputt

Tuma lieba die Möhrchen
Tuma lieba die Möhrchen Mama
Mama lieba die Möhrchen
die Möhrchen aus dem Glas.*

I also love the video, for its low budget production and Helge’s acting:

The Lenten lifestyle is further propagated in his latest hit, Käsebrot (cheese sandwich), featuring a German Käsebrot, which has very little to do with a cheese sandwich actually, even though that is probably the best translation. Just like bread from the UK or US has very little to do with German bread. That’s one good thing about being German: We may not have humour, but definitely absolutely the best bread ever. Some lyrics to accompany the video (and no meat, sugar or alcohol in these either):

Käsebrot ist ein gutes Brot
Käsebrot ist ein gutes Brot
Käsebrot, Kä-Kä-Kä-Käsebrot
Sexy Sexy Popäsebrot

Liegen auf dem Tisch
Doch ein Stückchen Käse
Schmeckt auch gut zu Fisch**

I’m not so sure whether Helge Schneider is also the suitable ambassador to propagate German humour, but I cherish the idea that he is something like a weirder Weird Al Yankovich. Anyway, Helge is beyond argueing for me. Earlier this year, he played Hitler in Dani Levy’s Mein Führer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler which met with great expectations which it apparently didn’t meet (mainly for not being able to decide between a comic and a moralist approach). I did not see it, although my spontaneous reponse was that, if anybody could play Hitler, it would be Helge, the muttering comedian (think of Charlie Chaplin’s gibberish when he played Adenoid Hynkel in The Great Dictator). Helge also has the reputation of a top notch musician, playing the piano, saxophon, vibraphone, accordion, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, recorder, drums, trumpet, Hammond organ, church organ and cello (and probably more. he keeps adding). I guess that also doesn’t quite come across in the examples of music above.

Helge Hitler


Maryjane isn’t good (3 times),
it ruins your brain too (or your feet, depending on the interpretation).

Rather get the carrots,
get the carrots, Mama,
Mama rather the carrots,
the carrots from the jar.

Cheese sandwich is a good sandwich (2 times)
Cheese sandwich, Che-Che-Che-Cheesesandwich
Sexy Sexy Shmeesesandwich

Lying on the table
But a piece of cheese
Goes also well with fish


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  1. This stuff is so funny. Wish I could write more but am still frantically trying to finish up some writing. Just gave myself a five minute Helge-break, which definitely should be allowed. Just wanted to suggest something else: futte. In the region I am from at least, futt and futte also refers to the vagina (which to me adds another dimension of humor, especially upon the changes significance of the little carrots and the mother). But now my writing has to be finished, popinished.

  2. Where are you from, Hessen (Marburg)? I’m from Nordhessen, and I think that Futt is also used there as an insult für women. Seems as if my subconscisou blocked that out.

    Richtig, richtig, popichtig.

  3. I just went to university in Marburg for a while (Wahlhesse, somit). I am originally from Idar-Oberstein–small town between, say, Mainz, Trier and Saarbruecken. I.e. I am from that foresty, charmingly barbaric and rough area called the Hunsrueck (no vegetarianism there), which is such an opposite to the life I am living right now that I greatly enjoy the archaic return to it every once in a while. A process I like to refer to as periodical, elective repaleolithization.

  4. Idar-Oberstein, das Edelsteinparadies. Went there on a schooltrip in standard 7:-)

  5. Oh boy! Yes that is correct. =)
    One nice thing about this, though: persistent, gemstone-induced class-consciousness.

  6. Kasebrot seems a very natural follow up to mariejohanna. I’m going to expose my provinicial naivete, but what is German bread like?

  7. Well, just have look at the bread under the cheese cover, two thick sclices from a loaf. It’s very solid – if you have a good loaf of maybe a kilo, you can easily keep it for two weeks in a plastic bag and it will neither get dry nor mouldy.

  8. That is truly impressive. And now for my refrain: maybe I’ll be able to find some when I get back to Chicago. I laughed at the point where Helge’s nose gets in the way of his Kasebrot.

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