Mirena or Multiload? 4/40

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Here is one for the girls (the boys may also comment, but I might not take their advice seriously; they are also not allowed to take offence). On Monday, I need to take a decision regarding a new long-term companion: Mirena or Multiload? While the first one sounds like the given name of either a white Afrikaans Southafrican or of someone born in the former German Democratic Republic (where the regulations for chosing a child’s name were much more liberal), the latter makes you think of a shovel excavator or a monster truck. They’re both IUDs, Mirena comes with hormones, Multiload with copper ions, but both look scary in their own peculiar way.
Mirena (left) meet Multiload, Multiload (right) meet Mirena.

I actually don’t want to take hormones, hence the turning to IUDs (or coils, which is more reminiscent of the German “Spirale”), but apparently the dosage is significantly lower than with other types of contraception (“the pill”). The one might reduce the loss of blood to an absolute minimum, the other one is said to make it stronger (up to seven days). And the one goes for € 380, and the other for € 120. How am I supposed to decide? I already see myself deciding against this completely.

If you have any experience or advice, please leave me a message!

EDIT: I made a quick tag check only to discover that all posts tagged with birth control related issues are firmly in the hands of stern catholicists. Pages and pages ranting on about contraception being a sexual sin… puke, puke, puke! Please read this post on what happened to a rape survivor in Tampa, Florida to fuel your rage against those self-declared protectors of life (mostly men) who believe they are morally entitled to override and violate a woman’s souvereignity.

LentAnd my Lent message of the day: I am doing fine, and although I am absolutely not fasting in the sense of eating less, I have the feeling to sense the effects of it already. The development of gas is quite unbelievable! (I might get an award for the most disgusting post of the day today:-P) Of the three things I gave up – sugar, meat and alcohol – sugar is the most difficult one. Not a surprising – there are hidden sugars lurking behind any corner! Sadly, I looked at the preserved figs, the jarred apple sauce, the honey nut cornflakes today and decided that they were not for me. Alcohol might become more difficult during social events, but I have no doubt that I won’t fail or falter. Meat – easy as pie. Oh – only on Monday it will become hard – I’m having a lunch date with my favourite local woman and in the Outlook appointment it read “Schnitzelchen im Steinhäuser”. And they make the best Wiener Schnitzel ever. With cranberry sauce. And we normally have white wine spritzers with it.

A triple no-no!


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  1. Isn’t traditional Wiener Schnitzel veal? Maybe that helps as a repellant. Just think of the poor baby cows.
    And seriously: if I ever hear a man complain about having to use condoms again I will forward the pictures of the contraptions above. They do indeed look scary. Do they really have to construct them that way?
    Even with childhood retainers that made your teeth look really scary they could at least pimp them somewhat: different colors, cartoon pictures etc. Is there no way to engineer these things a little differently, so that they look fluffy, or add a little more bling, so it is more like a designer fashion accessory.
    This does not look comfortable–and all without the support of alcohol!

  2. Seriously, the first time a gynaecologicst ‘showed me those instruments”, I wondered: Is there now way to improve the appearance of it? I personally believe that this is another way in which the patriatchal system reinstates its control of reproduction. If women want to take control of it, they have to make do with the few options that the system leaves them – Mirena or Multiload.

    My doctor explained to me that the T-shape of the left one can sometimes be rather painful – apparently this problem does not arise with the other shape, but the other shape only comes with copper which increases the blood loss vy 25-50%. I can hardly image that one cannot combine the shape of the one with the hormones of the other? I was also told that the strings that are attached to the IDU (which are supposed to allow to remove it one day) may prick the partner during intercourse – now this makes me wonder: Is there no friggin’ material sciences grad student in the whole wide world who can solve this problem in his diploma thesis?

    Or to give you another example of the patriarchal system’s control of reproduction: If you (in Germany) need postcoital contraception (“die Pille danach”) you have to make an emergency appointment at a hospital or doctor. They will rudely remind you (happened to me and all women I know in that position) that this is not a means of contraception and that you better think twice the next time. Then they give you a prescription for three little tablets for which you have to pay about € 40.

    The irony is that they contain the same hormones as any contraceptive pill you can get regularly and without the verbal abuse. You might as well take these – about six to eight of them are enough, with a packet of 21 costing € 5-15.

  3. Yes, traditional Schnitzel is veal, but you normally have the choice between pork or veal (pork is about €5 cheaper, that’s why I normally go for pork).

    But what I am really longing for right now is sugar! My uncle and wife with their two kids just came by for coffee – I had coffee without sugar and they the Nussstrudel…

  4. I agree Mirena and Multiload are both scary.

    Here’s some useful info on Mirena:

    Wish I had some Schnitzel for lunch.

  5. Hey, thanks, looks like the best compilation of info I have come across so far. Although, with this type of information it’s like with patient information leaflets – the side effects are really frightening. But: up to 88% less blood loss (Mirena) sounds much better than 50% more (Multiload)

  6. Comment to myself: There was a significant drop in blog visits today, probably because of the male predominance of web users;-) It’s almost midnight now and I managed to plough through roughly 550 descriptions of companies in Vienna – seems like I met my self-set target in that area. Tomorrow will (must) be dedicated to my actual job. But for tonight, I am going to reward myself with the highlight from German Pop Idol: http://www.dsds-mit-clipfish.de


  7. I’d so much like to have a fizzy soda drink now…

  8. Are you also boycotting all diet soda products? (well, coca cola should be boycotted anyway).
    How is dsds doing? I am so out of the loop when it comes to German pop-culture, a friend had to update me recently on the whole thing. Just two weeks ago I learned about Daniel Kuebelboeck for the first time.
    Is it true that Dieter Bohlen is to dsds what Simon Cowell is to American Idol?

  9. BTW: I had fewer visitors today as well, if that makes you feel better, but I have few in general. Given your theory of the clientel of these websites I might attract people by posting my entries with tags such as “super bootie extravaganza 2000,” or “nude pics of Britney Spears’ Head.” Not sure if that would attract the people I would like, though. Interesting question, though, what the gender makeup of these sites is. Wonder where one could find out.

  10. Yes, Dieter Bohlen is Simon Cowell, or rather – from a German perspective – Simon Cowell is what Dieter Bohlen is to Germany. He sailed on a wave of sympathy, surprisingly, after the first show, but soon his remarks becames so painfully sexist…. anyhow, he really is da man in pop culture now. You should watch a few clips, here is my current and pretty much everybody’s darling


    The sex method worked extremely well for lenina, you could search her blog for:

    imogen sextape

    to find her report on it.

    you have her blog on your blogroll too I think

    Yes, I am also boycotting diet products, as this is not a diet but a question of will, sugar = sweetness

  11. […] (Contraception, Gender, Pain, Birth Control) Just a brief note: I’ve got a new friend now, Mirena. Who needs enemies if you have friends like these. What a painful encounter. I was as white as a […]

  12. […] Hormones, Mirena, women’s health Yesterday I finally had the Orc weapon that goes by the name of Mirena removed from my uterus – it had been sitting there for 10 months and giving me all interesting sorts […]

  13. I have the non hormonal coil fitted, i have forgottent the exact name of mine.
    I would advise you to have the one without hormones as i being a herbalist believe in natural medicine as much as possible and synthetic hormones are not neccessary. I did not expeience abnorally high blood loss, only painful periods for the first couple of months. I am very pleased with the coil i have, my boyfriend never has been pricked my the strings and hope he never will be. So dont be out off by the side effects.
    It did take a few months to ‘bed in’ to my uterus but after this, the only time i really notice it is when i have my period a litle bit of crampping has a strange sensation, which isnt painful.
    I understand that many woman have had awful experiences with their coils, which does make me believe that there is scope for more variety and there seems to be many more types avaliable in the u.k.
    Hopefully you will try the coil and be fine,
    good luck

  14. Thanks for sharing the experience. At the moment I am pretty anti-coil minded. It’s given me 9 months of pain and now I feel my uterus deserves a bit of a rest.

    I agree with you that hormones are evil! But since my regular menstruation is already so painful, with me bleeding like a pig, I thought I shouldn’t go for a coil that might make it even worse. But yes, the variety you get is abysmally small…

    MAybe I should have a look at what UK online pharmacies have to offer!

  15. Hey, I had the mirena placed yeasterday…and my god that was a painful experience…now it has already calmed down a bit, I only have cramps sometimes, just feels like having your periode…my gyn sais they could last one to 4 months…hope it won’t give me too much trouble…I have to get and echoscope in 3 weeks to see if it is in place right.

  16. Hey Mariska, best of luck to you – if you still are in pain after 6 months, and in particular also outside of your period, then have that thing removed. I held out for 9 months, and then had to have it removed (which was not as painful as having it placed, thank God, even though my gyn had cut off the thread, so they now – different gyn – had to fish for it!)

    See here:

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