Lent: Day 2 of 40

February 22, 2007 at 10:13 pm | Posted in Consumerism, Food, Lent, Lifestyle, Religion | 6 Comments

LentLent is going to be harder on me than I initially expected. I am about to meet a colleague in an hour in a restaurant and I won’t drink alcohol (!). But that’s what I wanted.

Up to this moment, this is what I consumed in the course of this day:

  • a pot of black tea with milk (no sugars)
  • a small bowl of oat meal (no sugar)
  • a serving of cottage cheese
  • four hardboiled eggs (on offer, as Easter is coming)
  • a banana (fruit sugar must be allowed – what’ s funny is that I couldn’t eat bananas as a teenager with an eating disorder; I was too afraid they would give me constipation;-) I actually only started eating them again about a year ago. I had practically forgotten about the existence of bananas)

And I really like the wines that they have in the place we are going to… (Gabriel’s Cucina)… money could buy me things… but I will desist!

EDIT: I survived, but picking from the menu alone is more difficult than it was when I was ‘just’ a vegetarian. Find a meal that has neither sugar nor meat in it! And they had a fresh redcurrant soup for starters today, sigh. The baby turbot with black rice also sounded divine, but I felt that it was unappropriate to indulge in such a treat if one meant to take lent seriously. Instead, I had a salad for starters and very wholesome spaghetti with potatoes, hot sauce and parmegiano, mineral water to drink – and an espresso without sugar to finish:-( All the food was really really nice – I need to think of taking my mother there one day.

40 days is a long time – but the last time that I didn’t drink alcohol for 40 days was probably before I started drinking at all (i.e. around 15 – probably the average age for a German… back in the days, that is). And as you can see in the top right corner, I have even created my own Lent logo now;-) I have to be careful, or the Christian fundamentalists will begin hanging around this page (interesting though how any engagement with Christian practices holds the danger of leading to unwanted affiliations).


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  1. Yes, I would like to reclaim the rainbow for Christians and your logo for the all of us designers of 1960s wallpapers!
    I do admire your strength of will, though. You sure you’re not interested in becoming a practicing Catholic? I am sure they can use people with strong resolve–has the potential to be mindwashed into fanaticism. =)
    No, but seriously–not bad! My lung has been hurting for the past few days due to my cold and I am still not able to resist smoking a least a couple of cigarrettes a day. How sad is THAT! (and I promised myself I would stop after my M.A., after Ph.D. admissions, after my coursework, after my qualifying exams,…)

  2. oh–I do not remember the exact link to the manual, but I think if you simply search for “mail order brides” on amazon.com the guide will come up.

  3. Will search for that, simply assumed that they wouldn’t be bold enough to NAME it that way… Catholicism: I could NEVER EVER succumb to the paths of catholicism. I remember seeing those people with their charcoal cross when I was in New York in 2000 and they gave me the creeps. I do not understand how ANY woman could stay with the catholic church, given that they still believe women are dangerous seductresses. And Opus Dei is becoming stronger in the catholic church in Germany…

    Don’t admire my resolve now, it’s only day 2 (day 3 just beginning…)! Maybe I should write a book on my experience with Lent, I guess it would sell at Amazon.

    I feel deeply compassionate about your addiction to nicotine… no joking… I used to smoke nine years ago and although I gave it up that long ago, I stilll have have nicotine cravings every now and again. But i don’t want to go back to smelling like an ashtray, live in a smelly flat with smelly clothes, have brown fingers and always have to carry around a pack of cigarettes. Also, a pack costs an inredible 5 euros now (10 Mark, stell dir das vor!).

    I don’t know whether you’re really interested, but maybe giving it up for one day a week would be a good start…

  4. I feel like I too should join the club and give up something. Instead I appear to have gained a blog:

    I don’t know what the etiquette is for adding people to one’s blogroll, but I went ahead and added you, if that’s okay?

    I said I’d only update my blog every couple of days, but I’ll probably break down and post daily.

    I’ll try to give up something, too. Fretting? I will try to give up fretting.

  5. Oh yeah, I should mention that skunkcabbage is actually Harvey. I’m now intertextual.

  6. Giving up fretting sounds like a terrific idea! If you manage to do that, you can achieve anything you want:-) I don’t think I have the mental strength:-0

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