Carnival Photo Report, Pt. 3

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Parts 3 and 4 of the report aren’t really reports on carnival, but of the way we spent the carnival holiday in general. We went “home”, i.e. to my home-home, i.e the place where my mother lives which was only 300 km away, but nevertheless we spent 5.5 hours on the train. She lives close to the border to Thuringia, which was formerly the border with the German Democratic Republic, and the infrastructure regrading public transport is still not ideal.

We went there because of the mentioned accommodation problem and because, if we turned around the accommodation problem, it meant it was an excellent opportunity to introduce my boyfriend to my mother, and all went extremely well 🙂 She was absolutely delighted about him, my mother’s boyfriend enjoined the male company (he often seems a bit intimidated by my presence, or even jealous), and I learned so many things about my own home and the surrounding area.

Carnival in CologneThe village where they live (and where I spent the seven unhappiest years of my life after we moved there from a town – which is probably the reason why I know so little about it) is an official reserve in UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Project, for its unique combination of biodiversity and rural civilisation. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page in German which desribes the Biosphärenreservat Rhön.

My mom’s boyfriend is a former forrester/ranger and helped map the area. My mom is a farmer’s daughter and belives in growing her own food, gathering the gifts of mother nature and preparing them in her own tiled oven. We had a very wholesome stay, in terms of nutrition, education and tending family relations 🙂 I am even looking forward to going back which has rarely happened before:-D

The pic shows my mom and her boyfriend.

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