Visual Enactment of Web 2.0

February 13, 2007 at 8:21 am | Posted in Web 2.0, Webfilm, Youtube | 5 Comments
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A colleague forwarded this to me: A brief explanation of Web 2.0, provided by someone in charge of Digital Ethnography at Kansas State University. Being a technology lecturer herself (my colleague), she missed the importance of technology in this bit. I’m not too fond of the Youtube title The Machine is Us/ing Us, as I am currently bored by both the luddite and the transhumanist stance (but I guess I would resent any stance towards the web 2.0 hype, for the sake of being one). Also, it’s becoming fairly buzzwordy at the end. Nonethless, I thought it was pretty cool how they used text interfaces to bring across their message.

At least it doesn’t have the bad musical score of the first post by jutecht to which it is a video response.

N.B. This is my #100 post on this blog!


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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary post!
    What is your affiliation with K-State? Harvey and I went there as well as taught there for a year and a half (English and Cultural Studies).

  2. Thanks! Regrettably, no affiliation at all – just a coincidence that someone from K-State made this video and that my colleague found it on youtube… but it seems as if students from my university regularly spend their exchange semester at – is is here an affiliation between uiuc and uic?

  3. Yep–UIC and UIUC are sister institutions, both are Univeristy of Illinois and receive a budget from the state.

    Wanted to extend my congratulations on your hundreth post, too!

  4. Just a quick Koelle Alaaf to you as well! Hope you’ll have a blast. My brother will be celebrating in Mainz. I myself haven’t made it back for Karneval (Fasching, Fastnacht, wherever one wants to celebrate it) in nine (9!) years now, as I recently had to remind myself painfully. So sad. Past attempts to watch it via webcam made it only more depressing. I am on dissertation leave this semester, which means that I cannot even do my usual thing and throw some Kamelle at surprised students. I miss the Rosenmontags craziness, Bakhtin hin oder her. Drink a few Koelsch for us expatriates over here and I hope your trip will just bee just swell.


  5. […] explaining what ‘web 2.0′ is. I haven’t watched it myself (yet), but anaj blogged about it and it also landed in my inbox yesterday from a group I’m a member of. Here it […]

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