A quick guide to Borat

February 5, 2007 at 8:28 am | Posted in Comedy, Entertainment, Film, Globalization, Television | 1 Comment

BoratSince people searching for ‘Borat naked’ on the web keep ending up on this site*, I’ve decided to put together a quick itinerary for these folks. First off, here is a youtube video featuring the naked chase:

Here are the essential sites dedicated to the screen character Borat Sagdiyev – allegedly Kazakhstan’s sixth most famous man.

  • Borat [Wikipedia on Borat] is a screen character played by Sacha Baron Cohen [Wikipedia on Cohen]
  • Other popular characters created and impersonated by Cohen are ghetto boy Ali G [Wikipedia on Ali G] and gay Austrian fashion reporter Bruno [Wikipedia on Bruno].
  • You can become Borat’s friend on myspace.com/borat.
  • Before the movie, there’s was a two-part television show introducing Borat [Wikipedia on this programme]. It was broadcast in 2004 on Channel 4 and E4 in the UK as a spinoff to the Ali G show.
  • Borat has an official homepage: borat.tv.
  • There are several inofficial Borat fanpages: Boratonline (uk), Boratfans.com (trying to be as trashy as the original), Boratmovie online (but you won’t find the movie there), and Boratwear.com (the last one comes with a shop).
  • boratgallery.com, boratlingo.com boratimages.com are now defunct (copyright violation? but that’s just a private guess)
  • If you are looking for production information to reference the film, Borat’s page on the Internet Movie Data Base would be a good start.
  • Your best bet to get an overview of the reception by critics is Borat’s page on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • If you don’ know what the Borat fuss is all about, you could start with this video interview with Borat on movies.com

I’ve put a “globalisation” tag on this post because I think that the controversy about Borat has to do with the different reception it got in different parts of the world – it’s probably easier to enjoy the film in Europe than it is in the USA, Kazakhstan or Romania.

*) I wonder why! I’ve never written a single word about him. I haven’t even seen the movie – and I suppose it is better that way, as it would only wind me up.

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