Wii and Vodka

February 3, 2007 at 7:08 pm | Posted in Entertainment, Food, Gender | Leave a comment

XellentI’m nursing a slight hangover today, as an indirect result of an encounter with Xellent, a new Swiss made Vodka, very strong, very pure, “the weed of vodka” as somebody suggested yesterday. I would never have bought it though, not only because is is pretty expensive, but because it is such an obvious example of test-tube design. The marketing manager probably said “We want a product that looks hip and expensive, has a new-fangled name and a Swiss look”. And that’s the result – a bulky red bottle with a white print. I dislike the name in particular, essentially hollow, and I generally resent all cheap linguistic tricks (hyphens, truncated words, phonetic play, etc.), in particular in food. BUT: The vodka itself is really nice (and I doubt that it was this vodka that gave me the headache, but the cheap Eristoff we had later).

Oh, and I also played Wii for the first time last night and defeated my boyfriend twice in bowling. Am too tired to give a lengthy report on Wii, but if an opportunity crops up for you to try it you should jump at the occasion. The bowling stint was followed by a round of poker (in real life, not in enhanced reality;-), me and three guys playing, and I won 😀 I think I’ve meanwhile mastered the art of playing as though there was testosterone running in my veins but without giving myself up to self-destructive bragging and bluffing all too often. Women are not only the safer drivers, I suppose it would also be easier for them to make a living of playing poker. Men would too often be tempted to bet all their assets to win – and lose them all.

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