Searchmash, Google’s New Search Testlab (?)

February 2, 2007 at 11:11 am | Posted in Entertainment, Google, Web 2.0, Wikipedia, Youtube | Leave a comment

The McCord Webdesign Newsletter has pointed me to this – btw, it’s no newsletter that you need to subscribe to, but which I keep anyway, just because it is so tacky and oldfashioned; at the same time it is perfectly tailored to the needs of medium-scaled enterprises and their clientele, and a solid, although boring example of email marketing. Oh, and of dull American design.

Google Inc. is currently experimenting with a search engine that comes with a set of widgets to allow you to search images, blogs, videos and Wikipedia in a bar on the right hand side. Unfortunately, the widgets aren’t working properly in my browser of choice, which is Safari, but they run ok in Firefox (Internet Explorer? Who cares…). If they do work, they give you a short preview of the search results.


In a sense, it’s a search interface catering for Web 2.0 content – the results are the same as in Google, is just a matter of the presentation and navigation. You also have the option to hide the details of a result, giving it a nice uncluttered appeal. AdSense isn’t plugged it, so no there are no text ads (yet). No Google branding, either but the imprint is more telling.

It also seems as if Searchmash comes up with suggestions to narrow your search, apparently for entertainment related content only . I’m not quite sure whether this is the true criterion, but see for yourself and enter the terms ‘holiday’ and ‘big brother’.


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