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January 27, 2007 at 3:05 pm | Posted in Entertainment, German, Popular Culture, Television, Web 2.0 | 3 Comments

DSDSOf the many Pop Idol franchises, the one with the most contrived name is probably the German one: Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Germany searches the superstar). Given the German predilection for abbreviations, people refer to the show as DSDS (pronounced day ess day ess – think of a North East English accent). It is currently running in its fourth season – I don’t have TV reception, meaning that I cannot watch it when it is aired.

BUT: In the time span between the third and fourth season, RTL has launched its new video community Clipfish – yet another start-up vying for the remains that youtube and myspace have left over. I suppose (but do not know for sure) that Clipfish is linked with RTL Interactive, the successor of RTLnewmedia with whom I had a job as a student employee around the time that the Web 1.0 bubble burst. Even the chat supervisor, i.e. the one that is paid for monitoring an army of unpaid* forum and community moderators, is still the same as five years ago only that he is now dubbed BigFish – it’s quite pathetic if you think about it.

*: well, they get an RTL keyring for Christmas.

ClipfishThe concept of the site isn’t bad though – as is typical for any venture that RTL has a finger in is you can do next to nothing on the site unless you are a registered user (apart from viewing the videos, of course). But in the Web 2.0 days, people don’t seem to mind registering and filling in extensive profiles to fuel their online personalities.

Clipfish is definitely a smart move when it comes to marketing their own TV shows and establishing tight customer relations: All the online activities for the new season of DSDS are managed via Clipfish. In the past, online editors covered the show, wrote biographies and built image galleries – no trace of such effort this time. Instead they’ve reserved a seperate category and subportal for the video coverage of the show on Clipfish.

Carmen LeibEmbedding won’t work (only youtube is supported on wordpress), hence here a link to my favourite contestant so far, although she’ll have a hard time to survive the Recall. 80 kilo goths have never been able to last long on casting shows. Btw, I wonder whether Recall is the appropriate term or just another one folk ethymological anglicism such as “das Handy” for mobile Phone. What Recall it is meant to signify here is the first (non-live) show after the three or four casting sessions during which the ten contestants will be appointed.

NicoThis guy is also interesting – raised in a children’s home, lived on the streets with 12, went to jail, is now married, has a son, and all that at 19. Dieter Bohlen, Germany’s biggest music industry sleaze, immediately became suspicious of him (and said so), most likely the unconscious response of a fat cat against the young and hungry. The kid’s peculiar eyes might have done the rest.


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  1. this guy’s eyes are freaky! very scary…

  2. hey baby, clipfish ist mein konzept… damit das mal klar ist… 😉
    und: hurky-nico hat die traurige waisenkindgeschichte erfunden:
    lg ingo

  3. isses echt? klasse! und ich hab’s doch eh nur gelobt:-) trotzdem pathetisch dass sarap döndrici noch immer die foren beackert

    lüge? ma! muss ich gleich lesen.

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